A unique IVY experience

After a long week in which we had lot of activities for our eGUTS project, closely coordinated by Adam BARANY, the Yardo Institute administrator, finishing the week with the satisfaction of the complete work done, me (Daniel AMARIEI) and my colleague Mimi (Mihail SITARIU) we decided to spend a weekend making a short tour in the surroundings. So first, we visited Bratislava (28 km away), where we met with the eGUTS project Manager, Mr Gabriel ADAMEK. A short tour on the eBikes installed by our project, and we continued next day our trip to Hungary to Msonmagyarovar (44 km away) for a fishing party. The capture was much bigger than the expectations, making in this way our weekend really unforgettable. We want tohighlight that this IVY experience is unique. Beside the fact that we are learning new things about EU projects, experiencing them in real environment, having contact with lot of partners which definitely improves our skills, we have meanwhile the opportunity to spent also very nice moments during our free time.

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