Interreg in Gran Canaria

I’ve started my Interreg project in the 2nd week of October, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, main city of one of the Spanish islands, even if we are much closer from Africa than Europe.

My host organization is Radio Ecca, they work with education of adults through formal and non formal education and a special system using online and radio classes.

One of their departments works with European and International projects, including Erasmus+ and Interreg projects, and that’s where I mostly help them, I came here for an International cooperation project called ADAPTaRES - (“Efficient use of water and its reuse for adaptation to climate change in Macaronesia”).

It’s the 7th week since I’m here, time’s going very fast, but here’s a short summary of the main or more interesting activities I’ve been doing in the last weeks.

1st week - I had a Radio Interview on Erasmus+ Days week, where I’ve talked a little about my volunteer experience as Interreg and as former EVS.

2nd week - I attended the general event about Interreg projects in Gran Canaria, about the technical aspects etc.

3rd week - I’ve been editing a course about Entrepreneurship, inside a Erasmus+ project, in English - which I’ve been translating to Spanish too.

4th week - I’ve decided to attend and event organized on a coworking place, because it was interesting for one of the projects I’m working in… "Hacking the The Nomad Life: Communicating with Clients".

5th week - Radio Ecca was hosting a “Job Shadowing” visit from a partner from Norwegian, (under a European Project) and I was their real-time Spanish >< English translator.

6th week - We attended an International networking event “Africagua” (Water and Renewable Energy Forum), where ADAPTaRES was presented, together with some of our partners from other institutions in Canary islands and Cabo Verde as well.

I’ve been learning a little more about this region and the partnerships and cooperation happening here, which has been interesting. And I’ll stay until the end of the year.

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