My IVY experience in Mérida


I am Carlos from Portugal and I started my 3 months IVY experience in September 23rd - just 2 days before complete my 31st birthday - in Mérida, Extremadura, Spain, a small city of 60 000 inhabitants, and the project is based in Cross-border Initiatives Office - known as Gabinete de Iniciativas Transfronterizas (GIT) -, part of Directorate-General for External Action - Government of Extremadura.

Main building of Extremadura Government – 1. Entrance; 2. Cloister; 3. Skyview; 4. Backyard

Together with Centro and Alentejo (two Portuguese regions), we support the EUROACE*.

Here in office we do all types of relations, connections and cooperation projects between Extremadura (Spain), Centro (Portugal) and Alentejo (Portugal); we organize and support conferences and seminars on specific issues like Portuguese culture and language, congresses for entrepreneurs, art exhibitions and other interesting projects like music festivals that connect Spain and Portugal and help to dissolve the border.

*EUROACE (Alentejo - Centro - Extremadura) is an Eurorregion and a POCTEP project supported by INTERREG España-Portugal.

5. office; 6. Team; 7. cloister

For now, is being one month since I arrived and I'm getting to know the way and the work we do here, which is a lot, and I am helping with translations, presentations, graphic design and that. They are very kind with me. Mérida is allright, you can have fun here and the city is a world heritage, full of roman ruins, and also a small university city, not to cosmopolitan but a little bit touristic. Some nice bars, and few vegetarian restaurants. But, in general, you can get everything you need and everything is very cheap (the housing rents, the food and the beer).

9. Farhenheit - Luis Costillo art exhibition in Évora, Portugal (10/2019 - 3/2020); 10. I Encuentro Internacional de Tributación hispano-portuguesa, Badajoz, Spain (10/2019); 11. EUROACE in XXVIII edition of FEHISPOR (11/2017); 12. I EUROACE Ecodesign Meeting - Badajoz, Spain (30-31/10 - 2019)

I want to thanks GIT and IVY to make possible for me to have such experience, giving me the opportunity to meet new people, a different culture and region and for giving me the opportunity to learn more about cooperation within the EU and understand what Cohesion Policy is and how it helps to create better life and opportunities for people.

See you guys,

Above, in our websites, you can check all of the projects that we do and/or support:

You can also check this website from other office wich we work together here in Junta de Extremadura and they make nice things, sometimes I help them too and I learn more about what we do.

Here are some links to some especific projects:

- Portuguese language dedicated program (continuum)

- XXXVI Festival Ibérico de Música de Badajoz (23/05/2019 to 19/06/2019)


- Farhenheit - Luis Costillo art exhibition in Sala Rostrum from Centro de Arte e Cultura da Fundação Eugénio d’Almeida, Évora, Portugal (from 12/10/2019 to 29/03/2020)





- I EUROACE Ecodesign Meeting - Palacio de Congresos Manuel Rojas de Badajoz, Spain (30-31/10/2019)


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