The contest of the Cohesion Policy

Dear Friends,

This is a proposal to engage the opportunity to be useful in the contest of the Cohesion Policy.

Two months ago I started my IVY Interreg in Syracuse, during this week I was just thinking that for me this time has gone by really fast. I will finish my IVY the last day of December, so, Now it is time to take stock of the work done so far.

I am doing my experience in Impact Hub Syracuse, the place in which an idea can become a project and a project can become an enterprise/business. The place in which I want to improve my mindset to become more business oriented. Most of all, Impact Hub Syracuse is partner in the Interreg ENISIE.

ENISIE - Enabling Network-based Innovation through Services and Institutional Engagement - supports micro-small and medium enterprises with a social vocation to maintain the balance between “business” and “social” through open innovation and design thinking tools. It is in the Priority Axis 2, to promote competitiveness in the cross-border area. The Goal is to promote the creation and the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of enterprises (micro, small and medium-sized). To support the employment in the cross-border area and in those sectors with a positive social and environmental impact.

The success of the project is based on the ability to exploit the asymmetries and complementarities that are still little valued by cross-border territories, to accelerate innovation in crucial areas such as Food, Digital Health and Sustainable Tourism.

If you are intending to understand ENISIE you have to look at the innovation from a different angle, as a service. Through cross-pollination between social innovation practices, Open Innovation services for businesses and spaces for innovation.

The ENISIE project is divided in six Work Packages and Output of project. I am working in WP6 - Awareness Campaigns and Institutional Involvement. The Goal is to analyze policies, laws and standards, programmes, action, measures in contests with high innovation, in which an important role is made from practitioners. I am

contributing to a document in which I am analyzing and exploring policies, laws and standards, programmes, action, measures in the international, European, Italian and Sicilian contest about social enterprises, social business, startups, places that are linked to social innovation.

However, in Impact Hub i met a lot of people that come from all over the world. We are different and happy to meet each other, to talk and to eat at the same table. In my opinion, Interreg is like a place where you can find different people and situations, and during the way to get better by the community.

I am really proud to use my legal skills to contribute to the awareness campaign of ENISIE project, but the community is the best of IVY to enrich my soul.

Last week I went in Rome because the European Cooperation Day, it was amazing. Europe is you was the hashtag and the state of mind.

Me and the others Interreg Volunteer Youth volunteers stayed together and shared our experiences. Everyone thinks in a European way and we are able to see the future in this key.

Finally, Dear Friends,

This is a proposal to engage the opportunity to contribute in the contest of the Cohesion Policy. My advice is to go on line and to subscribe to the opportunity to be an IVY like me, Federica, Manuel, Alma and Safia. During this period you will improve your soft skills - Teamwork, Problem solving, Self-confidence, Autonomy, Flexibility / Adaptability, Ability to plan and organize, Manage information, Be enterprising / spirit of initiative - and hard skills - work experience, levels of languages, analytical mind and to create a synthesis -. Skills that I will put in my curriculum vitae and that will be really important to my future job.

In short, thanks to IVY you can improve yourself and work within the context of the Cohesion Policy.

What are you waiting for?

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