Hi there! My name is Maria, and I am volunteering in Trieste as IVY at the European Interreg Italy Slovenia Programme.

I am from Genoa, and four years ago I decided to move to Trieste for study reasons: I left a beautiful city in Liguria and I moved to another beautiful city, even though smaller than Genoa. When I moved to Trieste, I never imagined this city would become my home. And yet here I am.

This city offered me a lot of opportunities, including the possibility to take part in the initiative Interreg Volunteer Youth. Three months have passed since I got involved in this unique experience. Trieste is a border city, with a border identity: is there a better place to promote cross-border cooperation?

I think my experience as IVY has marked by 3 Cs, and the first one is cooperation: Transnational cooperation underpins EU cohesion policy and the programme Interreg Italy-Slovenia aims at promoting innovation, sustainability and cross-border governance. The first activity I got Involved since I began to volunteer is the support of “European Cooperation Day” organization as well as the organization of a Citizens’ Engagement Activity. European Cooperation Day is celebrated all over Europe on September 21 st and we planned to organize our Citizen Engagement Activity on this day, with the aim to raise knowledge on the many benefits that occur with cross-border collaboration. The two words Cooperation and Collaboration are interlinked. Without a real collaboration between countries, promoting cooperation would not be possible: Working together to create something new in support of a shared vision. Coordination is needed for cooperation and I can see this through my own eyes every day. We act in order to achieve a shared objective, but this is possible just if everyone commits individually. In this framework of joining forces, coordination is needed to go beyond in order to exchange results and have mutual benefits.

And this doesn’t apply just in the framework of an Interreg Programme, but to everyday life as well. That’s why I think being IVY is an important life experience.

Cooperation – collaboration – coordination: my 3 favorite Cs.

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