My volunteering experience

After my last working experience in Italy I was looking for a volunteering opportunity abroad on the portal European Solidarity Corps. Only then I learnt more about the opportunities offered by Interreg Volunteering Youth and I was immediately fascinated by the impact of EU Interreg projects. Among the several IVY opportunities available, I found a project that suited at best my skills and interests.

Visiting the EU Parliament with IVY during the EU Week of Regions and Cities

I am currently volunteering at the German-based organization European Institute for Innovation-Technology (EIfI-Tech), which is an applied science organization supporting the adaptions of regions to respond to the pace of development. I am involved in various EU interreg projects in the field of smart mobility, cleantech innovation and energy efficiency in buildings.

I am volunteering as Interreg Project Partner, thus I am involved in the field of policy. The idea is to collect and disseminate good practices and recommendations among regional and local authorities across the EU, which often share common challenges. This cooperation is proving to be an excellent method to implement the EU Cohesion Policy by promoting projects capable to foster economic, social and environmental sustainability in local communities.

I am pretty excited about this rewarding experience and I highly recommend to apply. We do need to improve the visibility of the role that Interreg Projects play in the EU!

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