My experience at ALCOLTRA

It’s been almost two months since i joined the program ALCOTRA. ALCOTRA is one of the European cross-border cooperation programmes. It covers the Alpine territory between France and Italy.

Upon my arrival, I worked on the organisation of the annual event of the program. This year the event was very special. It was a two days-event, we decided to organise it in association with UTMB, a mondial which is amondial trail-running event (almost 10.000 runners from 100 countries).The event took place at the mountain pass in the Alps on the France–Italy (Le col du petit Saint-Bernard ; colle del piccolo San-Bernardo) at an altitude of 2 ,188m.

In the light of this, a conference on sustainability and waste management in mountains took place. On the top of this, the public had the chance to discover this beautiful place and learn about the history of the col, indeed ! the pass has been considered a strong strategic foothold since earliest Antiquity, both as a site for discussions and a site for conflicts, (the Chanousia botanical gardens, the Cromlech , which dates back to the Neolithic period, etc)

Before this annual event, i never fully realised how crucial is the communication part!

Awareness-raising among the general public is very strategic. Thanks to this event we reached a wide public european of course but international too (Israel, Australia, USA), people who never heard about ALCOTRA or even about Cohesion Policy.

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