My Interreg Volunteer Youth experience at INTER-RELIGIO


Subsequently to my Erasmus Mundus joint Master of Arts in Euroculture at the Georg August Universität Göttingen and the Université de Strasbourg, I happily joined the project INTER-RELIGIO in early September. I am honored to be the Interreg Project Partner (European Solidarity Corps placement) for this initiative until December 20, 2019!

Cathedral of Strasbourg

Religions are a fascinating field of research. Studying their interactions and cohabitation for the purpose of dissemination is definitely a high-value objective which definitely deserved to be strived for.

Credibilizing the process of building bridges between beliefs thanks to the input of academic institutions in the Upper Rhine is definitely a long-term cause and the cornerstone of INTER-RELIGIO since 2017. Initiated in January 2017, INTER-RELIGIO "Religions and shared convictions" ( is a cross-border inter-university network that deals with the challenges of religious cohabitation in our societies through academic reflection. This project is led by a consortium of five universities and a private institution, located on the Upper Rhine territory.

Sophie-Hélène Trigeaud and Clémence Kelche on the INTER-RELIGIO stand during the Dialog Sciences 2018 event

These disciplinary approaches and fields of expertise have rarely been associated in public universities to date. INTER-RELIGIO provides training courses focusing on transversal knowledge of religions, led by a diversified consortium of European specialists. The offer of training in university theology and religious sciences is particularly diversified in this geographical area, which concentrates all the resources to meet the requirements of the INTER-RELIGIO project. This cross-border offer is available at several entries, duration and degree levels at the three university sites in Strasbourg, Basel, and Heidelberg.

INTER-RELIGO project members from France, Germany, and Switzerland at the colloquium on the university status of theology in November 2018

The INTER-RELIGIO initiative represents a real innovation by developing a training and research offer that addresses the challenges of contemporary interreligious dialogue. In the long term, it could constitute a European model for the study and university teaching of interreligious dialogue. INTER-RELIGIO contributes constructively to the rapprochement of religions and to the fight against all forms of fundamentalism and radicalism. In a nutshell, unity in diversity!

My daily assignments deal with, translation, communication with both the wider audience and specific stakeholders and event organization. These missions are brilliantly meaningful to me! I am grateful to my dear colleagues Clémence Kelche and Francis Messner in Strasbourg for our fruitful collaboration. We strive cooperatively with one another daily for an ever-deeper interreligious dialogue. I would like to thank as well the talented team of the Association of European Border Regions which is managing the Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative very well.

Strasbourg students of the 2018/2019 class of the INTER-RELIGIO University Diploma

This project, beared by the University of Strasbourg, is part of the INTERREG V Upper Rhine program. It is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

This initiative has been awarded the EUCOR label by the European campus carrying the same name.

Bearer of the project: Université de Strasbourg

Co-financing partners:

Universität Heidelberg Universität Basel Universität Tübingen

Associated partners:

Universität Freiburg

Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg

Thank you for reading me, cross-border regards!

A picture I took with my camera at Basel train station, with all relevant flags matching with the project INTER-RELIGIO

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