Strengthening cooperation in Caraibes

INTERREG Caraïbes program in a nutshell:

INTERREG Caraïbe is a program co-financed by European EDF-ERDF funds. It supports cooperative and solidarity actions addressing common regional challenges in order to strengthen the territorial and sustainable economic development of the Caribbean area. INTERREG Caraïbes supports projects involving “Outermost regions” (ORs) actors (Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Guyana, Martinique, etc.) in a partnership with Caribbean organizations (nearly forty countries). This «European Territorial Cooperation» (ETC) program has a budget of approximately 64 million euros of ERDF funds and 3 million EDF funds.

22 projects were selected by INTERREG Caribbean for the period 2014-2020, including 3 for 2019


A project to strengthen cooperation between Caribbean islands: CARIBSKY-PAIRE project

The CARIBSKY – PAIRE project was selected in May 2017 by INTERREG Caraïbes and launched in April 2018. This project brings together several communities and non-EU companies and aims to optimize air transport in the Caribbean by establishing a network of interconnected companies. In the long term, this regional cooperation project will facilitate the movement of travellers; stimulate economic development in the region, to have access to all the ports of call of the Caribbean with a single ticket for the users at competitive rates, and a rapprochement of the companies for operation, reservations and finance.

Funding for the CARIBSKY project totaled 4,670,000 €, of which 1,850,000€ was from ERDF funds and 417,500€ from EDF funds.

The EU through its regional cooperation policy and INTERREG Caraïbes is a true partner that accompanies the project promoters of the ORs of the Caribbean to create a cultural and economic link. In addition, the IVY program enables, among other things:

  • Raising awareness and participation of young Europeans in the implementation of European regional cooperation policies

Communicate the actions carried out and financed by INTERREG programs to European citizens such as this one

My experience as an IVY “INTERREG Volunteer Youth” experience at INTERREG Caraïbes so far:

" Volunteer IVY to the INTERREG Caraïbes programme in Guadeloupe (French RUP) since the beginning of May 2019, I had the chance to be part of a fantastic work environment, where my colleagues were very welcoming and attentive, get to know people from outside the office as well and discover the various projects carried out within the framework of the ETC in the Caribbean area and the month of Europe (May 2019).

I was also able to participate in the drafting of the 2018 citizen summary for the public (available on the INTERREG Caribbean website Among other things, it makes it possible to present to citizens in a few pages/lines: the EU’s regional cooperation policy, the cooperation axes of the INTERREG programme in the area - Caribbean community, as well as projects carried out for the period 2014-2020. Finally, it also gives EU and non-EU citizens a better understanding of the EU and its action in the Caribbean’s RUPs. At the same time, I am taking part in the animation of a network (especially on Facebook) dedicated to the volunteers IVY INTERREG Caribbean so that former and new volunteers can share their experiences, their future projects...”,,,

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