The captivating Danube

The Danube is strong and powerful and collects stories from Germany to Romania, passing throughout the Balkan region, involving the Mitteleuropean Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. A mixture of EU member states, countries belonging to the EU enlargement strategy and other part of the Eastern Partnership are part of the Danube Transnational Programme projects portfolio. This mixture is what makes the DTP great, promoting the EU non-hierarchical way of implementing development in a region with 14 countries, many differences, and many challenges which the Danube is contributing to overcome.

My name is Giulia and I am an IVY Volunteer at Danube Transnational Programme, based in Budapest. When I firstly knew about this opportunity, I was super excited, because I could combine my academic expertise on the Danube and Balkan regions with my experience in the field of development, and with the chance of working for an EU programme! When then I discovered it was based in Budapest, this amazing romantic and crazy city, I was more than excited. Everything is at walking distance here, sunsets are pink and a cool breeze is always blowing on the Danube.

Working wise, even if I started just few weeks ago, as a volunteer I have the chance of working in a stimulating, dynamic and harmonious environment, having the possibility of sharing my opinions and contributing to the work of my team with my ideas. I can, not only learn while working, conducting my usual tasks, but also attending to seminars, meetings and events, where I can also meet interesting and experienced people working in the field.

Till today I participated to couple of events (ACCELERATOR and SENSES): two final projects events where I learned about their targets and how they achieved them, about financing SMEs and Innovation in the region, private investment for development. The panelists were informing the audience on EUSDR priorities and on how their projects contribute to those latter development and implementation. I also participated to a Webinar on the he EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to the Priority Area Coordinators workshop held here in Budapest hosted in the Ministry of Finance building.

Communication is a wide field to work in, and here at the DTP I am facing all its aspects, working both on external communication issues, dealing with events and partners, but also supporting the DTP Communication Strategy, managing its Social Media platforms and supporting the projects in with their communication tools and material. I would advise to any young graduate or student to undertake an experience like this, It gives the chance of growing professionally and personally, of working in a multicultural environment and on multiple tasks, being able, in this way, to develop your skills in different fields.

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