Transnational cooperation in South West Europe

Hello everyone!

I am Sara, an Italian volunteering in Spain! 😊

About a month ago I started a new adventure at the Joint Secretary of the Interreg SUDOE Programme, a programme that supports regional development in Southwestern Europe (Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Andorra and Southwestern France).

The office of the Joint Secretary is based in Santander, a beautiful city in the North of Spain, capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria. You may know the city because of the historical bank but I can tell you there is lots to discover here! Located in a bay, the city has an amazing nature heritage and working every day in front of the ocean is definitely a pro!

SUDOE’s office is very active and dynamic and in the last month I learnt a lot on transnational cooperation and the projects developed by the Programme. I daily work in the Communications and Capitalization Office, close to my amazing mentor. We carry on different activities such as the project “Humans of Sudoe” which is a collection of testimonies of the recipients of SUDOE’s projects (link here: This initiative gives voice to the final users of the projects which is a way to see the benefits of transnational cooperation and learn about the results of the projects.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to take part in the EU Green Week (13-17 May) in Brussels. That was my first time in the European capital and it was amazing to take part to this event, promoting our projects that work on climate change and energy transition. There, I could meet several people from other Interreg Programmes, an occasion to discover other realities and other projects. In addition, I had the chance to assist to some conferences on the environment and on sustainable economy, interesting moments to learn about these topics and stay update on the work of the European Commission.

Last month flew! In the next months, I am looking forward to getting more and more involved in our communication and capitalization activities and learn more of the huge world of the Cohesion Policy.

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