Connectig regenerative medicine and Interreg

Hi everyone!

I am Kateřina, I love food, music and science. I started to look for an opportunity to participate on a real scientific project. I wanted to cooperate on actual tasks. What a luck was to join the Interreg Volunteer Youth!

It has been more than 2 months since I started to participate in the Interreg project at the Department of Biomechanics of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Prague, which deals with design and testing of artificial structures for regenerative medicine.

I am glad that my background in chemistry and experience with work in laboratory is put in use! I am involved in activities connected with final stage of instrumentation of the micromechanical testing device for purpose of characterization of supersoft material e.g. biocompatible gels, cells cultivate and artificial bone scaffold. Right now, we do the pilot testing and adaptation of the experimental procedures which is super cool!

The best thing is that the day does not end after the work is done! Especially in these hot days in Prague we spent our free together time over a good Pilsner beer. We discuss different topics, not only science, and just enjoy ourselves.

It has been such a positive and meaningful time so far!

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