Volunteering in Macaronesia!

I started my IVY experience in Gran Canaria in February 2019 for a six-month period.

I joined the International cooperation department of the University of Las Palmas (ULPGC).

The ULPGC participate in 19 projects under the Operational Program of Territorial Cooperation INTERREG V-A Madeira-Azores-Canarias (MAC) 2014-2020.

I work with an international team of 10 persons.

As you can see on the picture the environment of the University (ULPGC) is nice and colourful. All houses in the upper quarter are painted in different colours. It’s in the old town of Vegueta.

There is a lot of events and conferences in the university.

This year it is celebrating his 30th birthday. Like me! Last call for the opportunity of IVY volunteer.

So grateful to be part of it.

The Vicerrectorado of Internationalization and Cooperation (VIC) of the ULPGC promotes the participation of the university community and teachers, in projects of university cooperation to the development, in projects of institutional reinforcement, as well as in projects of applied investigation to cooperation.

The VIC actively participates in various cooperation programs with higher education centers in order to strengthen these centers, supporting them at the institutional and administrative level, as well as programs that allow improving the training of human resources.

Currently, these projects are framed and financed through the ERASMUS + European Commission program in its Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth and Capacity development in the field of higher education.

As a volunteer, I have the opportunity to get involved into different projects. For example: Poncho project. It’s about the internationalization of Latin American Universities. Right now the University is celebrating the final event of PONCHO Project in Paraguay. This 3 year’s project involve 25 partners.


One of the INTERREG Project with the University:

I focused on NAUTICOM project. It has 3 different objectives:

The 1st one is to promote strategic alliances between sports marinas and nautical companies, through the establishment of a MAC supra-regional network, which allows the use of skills, the creation of value; as well as the consolidation of an image of international nautical tourism of the Macroregion.

The 2nd objective is to raise the capacities and the encouragement of the nautical marinas and nautical companies of the Macro-region, for internationalization and business cooperation at the regional level.

The 3rd objective is to promote smart specialization and eco-innovation in the sector, for the valuation of services and the improvement of individual competitiveness and the Macroregion.

Web: http://www.proyectonauticom.com/

Gran Canaria, other Canary Islands and Macaronesia’s islands has many INTERREG projects. The geographic situation of the archipelago is good for strategic partnership between Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Personally I learned a lot from the heritage, the culture and the geography of these islands. Being insular has benefits and disadvantages; with INTERREG we can focus on the benefits. It’s a big challenge of everyday but I can say that Gran Canaria has a big potencial and her neighbors too.

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