“L’Unione fa la forza! Unity is strength!”

Hello IVYs and friends!

Today we would present to you our working team.

My colleague Marcella, and I, Micaela, began our experience as IVYs already a month ago and it has passed really soon.

I am Micaela, 23 years old from Gorizia, a city really close to Trieste, that because of its geographical position forms a big city with the near Nova Gorica (in Slovenia). Being born in a border territory I am able to speak both languages, as a good part of the population of this area, and being grow in a mixed cultural environment I experienced on my own skin what were the consequence of the fall of the border and the start of dialogue and cooperation between the two States. I know what are the similarities and differences, the difficulties and the never solved problems of the territory and that’s why I am convinced that a cross border cooperation policy is really important in terms of positive effects that this can bring on both sides. That is because, after I completed my studies in International Relations and Diplomacy, I’ve searched for an experience that can bring an added value, teach me something more, and let me experience directly what the European Cohesion policy is about. What better way than becoming an Interreg Youth Volunteer?

Hi there! I am Marcella from Bergamo, a beautiful city with a medieval heart surrounded by the majestic Venetian Walls. My birthplace is about 400 km far from Trieste but this is a real international experience. Last March I finally took my master’s degree and at that point, I really wanted to become familiar with the European field especially, I would like to learn more about Cohesion policy and European project managing. After some quick online research, in particular on European Solidarity Corps website, I found this big opportunity with IVY volunteering. I prepared my backpack and this new adventure started!

Since we arrived in Trieste we could breathe the interculturalism of this lovely city that faces with the Adriatic sea in the northeast part of Italy, really close to the border with Slovenia, and also with Croatia. This gives to Trieste a special and extraordinary charm, creating an atmosphere of a multicultural city, in which you can hear talking a different language at every city corner and where you can find a lot of churches of different confessions. A perfect place to start an experience of cross border cooperation!

Volunteering as an IVY at the European programme Interreg Italia-Slovenija, represents for us a great opportunity because it permits us to give our contribution to the development of this great common territory.

Since the beginning of our experience, we have started to learn every day something new. During this month we had the opportunity to support the communication strategy of the Programme, managing the website and preparing news to spread on social media and the net all the activities promoted by the Programme. Moreover, we helped at organizing workshop and event designed to the Interreg project partners which operate directly on the cross border territory learning a lot of the problems and needs of this region. This area has many strengths but it also presents several challenges to which the currently financed projects are addressed.

Working as a volunteer in an European and cross border environment is very dynamic and challenging. In fact, we schedule meetings, daily communication tasks and we share opinions, ideas, approaches and best practices to achieve better our common goals. We are following many different activities and our agenda is always full. But in everyday life, at work and between our working team the Cooperation is our milestone which drives our approach. There is only one way to do all that: as the old saying goes:

“L’Unione fa la forza! Unity is strength!”

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