A sustainable future for the South Baltic sea region

Hello everyone! I am Barbara, the new IVY at the EUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V (EUCC-D) in Rostock-Warnemünde (https://www.eucc-d.de/).

EUCC-D is an NGO, promoting the sustainable development of coasts and seas in Germany by developing and implementing projects in the Baltic Sea region.

My experience as IVY has just started but I had already the possibility to participate on the 15 of May to an interesting meeting in Greifswald, entitled “EU&Du, EUROPA bei uns in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”. In this University and Hanseatic city in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, located on the Baltic Sea, representatives of several organizations, experts and politicians met to present EU projects developed in the South Baltic Sea Region.

This event represented for me a great opportunity to get an overview of the current projects developed in this area and to be part of the EUCC-D team, which was there presenting the main results achieved in the several South Baltic Sea projects in which the organization is involved.

For you to understand better what we do in practice, I listed here the main projects we presented in Greifswald:

CATCH, which focuses on coastal angling tourism as a development chance for the South Baltic Region;

LIVELAGOONS, which aims at improving the water quality in eutrophicated lagoons in the South Baltic by the use of innovative floating wetlands for local nutrient removal;

MORPHEUS, which aims at reducing the emissions of pharmaceutical substances to the South Baltic Sea, thereby improving the water quality of the Baltic Sea;

DUNC, which aims at promoting the South Baltic region by developing sustainable tourism strategies for its UNESCO sites.

Moreover, I had the chance to bring there some informative material about IVY to show what a great opportunity is offered to young people by the IVY program and by EUCC-D as host organization!

The main impression I had from the event is that the South Baltic Region, for its specific characteristics, needs targeted projects, which take into account the present challenges of the Region, as for instance the problem of water´s eutrophication or the problems encountered by small fishery communities, as well as the great potentiality that this area possesses.

Water protection should be the main target of the next projects, because water is the main resource and, at the same time, the most endangered element of this Region.

It was interesting and inspiring to see how multifaceted are the challenges faced by the South Baltic Region and how diverse and creative are the projects that have been developed to address these problems!

Not only experts, academicians and politicians are called to act for the successful outcome of these projects, but also the European citizens, because the sustainable development of the region is reachable just if everyone is collaborating. As for EUCC-D projects, collaboration among the partners, is fundamental for the achievement of good results!

For this reason, I am proud to be part of IVY and help in the creation of a sustainable future for the South Baltic Sea Region!

Barbara Favaro, Interreg Project Partner for Morpheus and LiveLagoons projects at EUCC-Coastal Union Germany

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