Interreg Communication Network Meeting (ICON), 9-10 April, Amsterdam

Connecting people, sharing ideas, raising awareness, strengthening European Cooperation. This is what we did and learnt last week.

On 9th and 10th April the Interreg Communication Network Meeting (ICON) was placed in Amsterdam. Interact organized the event and Interreg Programmes all over the Europe gathered together to discuss about this crucial and noteworthy topic.

Communication is the knotting point for creating an environment more inclusive, sustainable, open-mind and aware. It aims at getting involve citizens and communities so that they feel part of Europe, know more about European action and important achievements of Interreg Programmes at the local level.

Thanks to communication, people keep in touch, exchange knowledge, are concretely and actively involved at local territories. Communication builds bridges between authorities and citizens. It is endless resource and strong power to spread the European Cooperation Verb.

During those days, all communication officers from different Interreg Programmes and IVYs were intermingled in roundtables. Debates, best practices, ideas, goals achieved, queries and doubts were on the table. Everybody felt free to speak up, share personal ideas about tasked accomplished and not, talk about strengths and weakness of each Programme. This sharing-process permitted to help each other for bringing what it was well done and underpinning what it has to be improved. A powerful creative energy wrapped the whole conference-room. Different points of view and experiences were shared in mutual respect for finding solutions and laying down new goals for the future.

Interactive workshop for participants were set up to encourage them to be active part of this networking meeting. In addition, conferences were planned by Interact staff and Gareth Harding, a journalist and writer specialized in communication issues. It was helpful and illuminating to face and interact with colleagues and learn new and innovative communication approaches. Basically, during these two focused days, I had the opportunity to discover an undersea Communication World and I learnt how to write in a catchy and sharp way to grab attention from audience whatever it is.

I strongly recommend an experience like this because, for an IVY, this was and is an incredible occasion to be in touch with Europe, breath European framework, see how this World runs and works. I came back home enriched and more conscious that we accomplished our goals as communicators, but there is still a lot to do for putting this Europe a better, aware and resilient place especially for young audience as mine.

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