Local fresh food as a tool for cooperation

Spring... In this season, I always wait to buy fresh strawberries and vegetables from local rural farmers. Food producers and farmers mostly organize the sales in a "face to face" way, and the market area is just their home garden. People who lives in the city do not always have the opportunity to get fresh food. City inhabitants are used to go to supermarkets and shops and I often ask to myself „Why farmers could not delivering food products to city shops, supermarkets and restaurants?“. Therefore, I am so happy that Lithuanian countryside tourism association (LCTA) invited me to join Interreg program as a volunteer in the project “Baltic Sea Food“.

Being a volunteer within the project „Baltic Sea Food“ gives me more knowledge about rural and local food products chain. It was interesting to get to know how many challenges should be faced for a business model to be effective. Therefore, I recognised that the project „Baltic Sea Food“ helps countries by the Baltic sea to save food traditions, the value of local food and tries also to facilitate the proccess of delivering food products from farms to local shops/restaurants and etc. Inhabitants from the countries by the Baltic sea will now have the opportunity to take pleasure from the local, fresh food.

I also participated in the conference „Short food chains and local food systems. Challenges for applicants, local government and business“ in Moletai. During the event, the president of Lithuanian countryside tourism association Linas Žabaliūnas, read an announcement „Opportunities to increase local food availability“ and presented the project „Baltic Sea Food“. This conference gave me and the participants some knowledge about all food products chains, threats and oppurtinities to create short chain from local food farms to local restaurants, shops. After that I thought about vegetables and fruits from farms, which are tasty and fresh. I hope that the project „Baltic Sea Food“ will help local people to enjoy food products from farms and will remind about the importance of fresh products.


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