Hungarian experience

I'm Leonardo Casciarola, 28, a creative guy currently doing an Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) In Hungary. I’m volounteering in a beautiful and quite Town called Pècs in a southern part of Hungary, helping DDTG (Danube Development Transnational Group Nonprofit ltd.) with some projects and partecipating to meeting and events.

It's been 1 month since a came here as IVY. In this time i have been traveling around Hungary, by car with my collegues to having some meeting and reach project partners.

I came from in Italy, I always been around and travel across the land, after I while I felt like to leave my hometown to see different places and new cultures, luckly I’m having this opportunity and I became an IVY volunteer.

So starting from the beginning.

I arrived in Pècs on the 4th of February in the night, after a way to much of trains changes from Budapest, I had to took 4 trains + 1 bus, because they were repairing some rails, at least this is what i understood. When in Pècs 1 of my collegues came to pick me up at the station, was very kind. The next day my adventure started.

I usually sped time in DDTG office, that is in the central part of the town, really close to the main square.

So far the main project we are working on was EGuts and Interreg Project, I been helping with some media and design related task, partecipitating in some meeting and commute to other cities and towns nearby.

Hungary has a nice and smooth land as i saw so far, with big field and nice atmosphere.

Around Here

Been around here is really nice, sometime is not easy to understand without speaking any hungarian words, I been translating everything with smartphone apps and sometime filling the gap with some german words, it‘s working good so far. Day by day I'm learning new things, also thanks to the people that are around me that speak some italian.

In the free time I like to go out for a walk, in the 1st month was cold and I didn’t go out much, but now it’s sunny and you can feel that spring is coming.

I live in the center of the town, near an unesco site, a big church, Pécsi Bazilika, and a nice park, so is a good opportunity to have a walk and see the good places around here. My collegues also provided my an E-bike! Now I'm going around the town making this weird electric noise (vrzzzzzzz).

So far is going very well and everything is good. I would like to say thanks to all the people that are giving me this opportunity.

I leave a little video link here to let you see what i see, Sometime I shoot videos or photos of my travel on and post it on instagram. If you want to see more. (links below)

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