Undiscovered Greece: in Xanthi with Lara

You are in Greece, but you meet people from all over the region, you can eat greek feta but also baklavas, you see modern architecture or observe the details of the old mansions in the Old Town. You can relax in the main square drinking a coffee during the day, or participate to a live concert in the evening during the Carnival weeks. This is Xanthi, in the northern Greece, the town where I am doing my Interreg project as Interreg Project Partner for ADRION programme. I am Lara, I am 26 and I am italian.

Started last month, this experience brang me very close to the local community, the history of the area, the events, its natural resouces, that worth to be known and shared to visitors.

Old Town of Xanthi

The project sees me involved in The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi’s activities and meetings, regarding cultural and enviromental routes (like Tobacco Road, Hercules), for which I had the opportuny to make specific researches on the history and architecture. Moreover, I am learning what makes good and efficient a communication strategy for Cross-border (Black Sea area) and Transnational programmes (Adriatic-Ionian).

I discovered how much this region had a strategic position during the centuries, and especially between mid ‘800 and 1900, thanks to the tobacco cultivation, processing and trade, and how much these activities affected the towns.

I was glad to meet the Chamber’s partners during a Study Visit, I visited local factories and partecipated to the final conference.

Hiking alongside Nestos River

I had, and I am having, also fun travelling around, diving myself into greek habits and customs (folkloric dances and Xanthi’s annual Carnival), and, of course, experimenting all the local amazing food and testing myself with the greek language. I felt so welcomed by all my collegues, making me feel part of the team, and showing me their support.

I am looking forward to next weeks, bacause I happy to work in a dynamic and open minded environment, full of energy and important objectives.

Partecipating to an IVY experience means to me being ore propositive, self-confident, brave, curious and also more determinated about my professional future.

Me partecipating to the Carnival of Xanthi.

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