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Today is the turn of CHERISH project to be presented. It might be my last article on the IVY blog because my volunteering in EUCC-D’s NGO is ending, hence this cheesy article title.

CHERISH stands for “Creating opportunities for regional growth through promoting Cultural HERitage of fISHing communities in Europe”. This project is supported by Interreg Europe.

Partners and Advisory Parteners from nine countries -Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Latvia and Germany- are part of this project.

“The main objective of CHERISH is to improve regional development policies to protect and promote cultural heritage in fishing communities in order to boost attractiveness of these regions for businesses, citizens and tourists.” -Source

Painted oysters shells, Middelburg - photo credit: Cristina Nazzari

Painted oysters shells, Middelburg - photo credit: Cristina Nazzari

Back in November 2018, CHERISH Kick-off meeting took place in Middelburg, Netherlands.

On this occasion, two EUCC-D’s employees went there as advisory partners. In this project, one of their mission is to produce media content.

On this purpose, they have filmed interviews they had prepared of the project leader and 6 project partners.

Back in Rostock, they gave me a mission: editing the interviews.

If you have read my previous article, you already know that I had a first experience of video editing by making a stop motion movie. This time, I had to use a software named Lightworks. It was pretty much different as I had to deal with videos with people talking on it, and not just images as in my first experience. Once again during my volunteering, a great opportunity to learn something new!

In order to introduce and conclude the videos, I have used the software GIMP 2 to create a presentation page and a credit page. For the first one, I have also drawn a map of the area where the meeting was taking place. I already made the map for the next meeting places.

It was important to respect the colors of the project, so I got a brief with the RGB values that were allowed to be used.

Shapes for the next CHERISH Talks – The scale is not respected between the regions

Can you guess which shape matches with which European region?

Here is a summary of the videos:

  1. Jack Dooms, Municipality of Middelburg (Netherlands), CHERISH lead partner Topic: the importance of CHERISH project and the role of the Municipality of Middelburg

  2. Jeanine Dekker, Foundation for Cultural Heritage in Zeeland (Netherland), CHERISH Advisor “folk culture” Topic: heritage from the economical point of view and the importance of involving young generation

  3. Albert Forés Gómez, Consorci del Museu Maritim de Mallorca (Spain) and Aivars Siliņš, Daugava´s Museum (Latvia), both stakeholders. Topic: the role of Museums in preserving and promoting heritage

  4. Eudokia Balamou, Development Co. Paphos Aphrodite Ltd (Cyprus) and Antonella Luccitti, Flag Costa Dei Trabocchi (Italy), both stakeholders Topic: the importance of sustainable tourism strategies

  5. Goretti Silva, Instituto Politécnico de Viana de Castelo (Portugal), stakeholder Topic: tourism as part of a broader and integrated local development concept

All these videos are gathered in this Playlist.

Follow CHERISH on twitter or subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay tuned!

Germinated seed on Warnemünde beach during the World Clean Up Day 2018

- echoing picture to my first article for the IVY blog

Many Thanks to Cristina for her thorough re-reading of this article

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