Promoting cross-border governance in Trieste

Hello Folk!

This is Martina, I come from Italy and currently I’m involved with Interreg Italia-Slovenija Programme. That is a cross border cooperation programme focused on promoting innovation, sustainability and cross-border governance. Its purpose is to create a more competitive, cohesive, inclusive, greener and livable area both Italian and Slovenian. This programme strictly observes and is in line with OTs laid down by European Strategy 2020 and European Cohesion Policy.

My duty station is located in Udine, a cozy and pretty city of Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region placed in North-East of Italy where I’m working with MA staff. The headquarters is in Trieste, the stunning and breathtaking chief town of Friuli Venezia Giulia which face with the Adriatic sea. My office is a second operational branch and, even if my team runs in a different place than HQ, we always work in synergy with Trieste team as if we were just one. This is very dynamic and challenging working opportunity in fact we schedule meetings and Skype calls to catch up with colleagues, we set up daily our communication tasks and we share opinions, ideas, approaches and best practices to achieve better and incisively our common goals. In addition, we are in touch with Interact especially regarding a new challenge as Capitalization approaches and practices in Interreg. Interact is a well-established organization that plays an important role in Interreg, in cooperation between EU Member States and EU regions, and along the external borders of the EU. Cooperation is also our key-word and milestone which drives our approach. We take care of different environments under cultural and language side and we act in the same direction of Europe to create a more inclusive and connected places. During my last meeting which I attended, I met Ivano Maggazù. He is an Interact officer who work hardly on Capitalization approaches and practices which can be understood as a process that gathers valuable programme and project results within specific fields. It enables identifying and sharing of knowledge as well as raising awareness among stakeholders about the achievements of Interreg. In this sense, capitalization activities vary from analysis, studies on specific topics and communication for spreading and enhance consciousness about the Programme. Of course, we measure with communication because it’s our area of expertise and we proposed to organize events, info-days and workshop to embrace the local communities and encourage them to take part of our events and raise their awareness about it.

During these almost two months, I had an occasion to see in person how communication team acts. In fact, we dealt with organization for the launch of last Call for project proposals in the context of Interreg Italia-Slovenia Programme. It was intense and very interesting because we communicated and interfaced with potential project beneficiaries. I could see directly all the process and actions to organize and coordinate all the staff involved and all efforts to update web-sites and social media.

Personally, my IVY experience is thrilling and lighting. I fully and deeply enjoy this adventure. Every single day I learn something new than the day before and, in this dimension, I can improve and sharpen my skills. Indeed, thanks to my mentor and my kind team, I totally dived in this experience and it raises my awareness about cooperation within the EU and in connection with Regional entity. It permits to breath Europe and see how EU works and operates even if I’m based in Italy. I feel as part of something big where I have a voice and an opportunity to build my future guided by experts as my mentor and other officers.

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