Digitising species data in Slovenia

When I heard for IVY (AEBR) organization, I didn’t have any expectations because I had no idea how it might look like. I heard for volunteering organization around the world but when I talk with older students who were abroad they advised me to be careful because this could be expensive, therefore I check a few of them and then stop thinking about that.

But I am very glad that I’m a part of it at National Institute of Biology. They are a part of BID-REX interreg Europe from Biodiversity Data to Decisions: enhancing natural value through improved regional development policies since 2016. The main goal of this project in Slovenia is assembled by a few parts. First they want to connect and digitize all existing data about species at Ljubljana marshes and after that find out what are the key points of interaction between biodiversity and agriculture and then develop the strategy that could improve the existing biodiversity at that area.

The main activity of this few months that I am also a part of the project was international workshop in Ljubljana. This mean that all partners and stakeholders of the project gather at the same place and discuss about their plans, good practice and so one. It is a good opportunity to discuss about problems that are at one country and the others can explain how in their country solve similar problems.

At this meeting and before it I could felt how important is that we are the part European Union, what the benefits of it are and what our obligations are. Furthermore, I felt an amazing felling to be a part of community assembled by many different people with the same vision and also the awareness of what is possible and what is not.

Therefore, for all those who have doubts about volunteering organizations and you would like to experience work that you might be doing in the future or are you just curious about the projects and possibilities within the European Union you should try it.

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