The Abbé Cuylits project: how to manage a temporary occupation place

A temporary occupation place

Abbé Cuylits is a CLTB’s project in Anderlecht, a part of Brussels’s region. There are four big hangars. The Community Land Trust of Brussels decided to buy it and to renove it to realize some flats for their members. But, they need around two years to organise it well, especially with all of administration documents before to renove this place. And between now and the next two years, what could we do with this place? CLTB proposed to different partners to work together for doing something attractive in Abbé Cuylits. In Brussels, it’s a commune thing to do this with some collective and cultural organiszation for helping a district to grow up.

What’s happen during the last six months?

When I arrived at the begin of October, I visited Abbé Cuylits hangars. It was really big, but cold and empty place. I had so much questions about this: why do we speak about activities before to do some basic renovations works? There were no electricity and no water. I’m not from Belgium, I didn’t know any partners and anything about this situation. I learned step by step. I assisted in some meeting and I exchanged with the partners about who they are, what they want to do in this place. I understood deeply the role of everybody for Abbé Cuylits’s project. Step by step, we discussed about scout animations, exchanges between people from this district, renovation of old or unused objects… During this time, three students of architecture organized groups sites in this place for helping to renove it and make some construction by hand like benches. Officialy, all of these partners created an organization, CLTB included. It’s easier like this to understand the role of everybody and to write some subvention documents for receiving money to continue to renove this place.

And about the CLTB?

CLTB’s goals about Abbé Cuylits are these ones: establish some contacts with people from this district and this city. They would like to show something different happen in this place. Some members of CLTB are organizing a table of discussion around once a month in Abbé Cuylits. Members and neighbourhood are invited during these moments. An inauguration will be organized the 27 of April for this place. It will be more official for everybody: a conclusion of a book and an introduction of another one. Some animations will be here: children games, coffee & sandwiches space, groups sites, presentation of every organization… It will be great and it’s a beginning of a new chapter!

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