IVY in Drama

My name is Konstantinos and I am from Greece, from Komotini, a small town near to the borders of Turkey and Bulgaria. I was interested participating in a creative and challenging environment and when I heard about the potentials that IVY program offers, I applied right away! Following my voluntary work for almost two months now in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Drama, I would like to stress that cooperation and integration of states due to cross-border communication are in favor of the EU and against the euro-skepticism.

Here I am at the conference room of the Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Interreg provides an opportunity for young people to be heard through state institutions other than the university, which in my opinion is extremely vital comparing high unemployment rates the last ten years approximately.

Here I am at the conference room of the Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I feel very lucky and happy to be part of this European Union’s initiative, Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY), because it combines work with education.

Currently, I am engaged in the preparation activities regarding the organization of a round table in Drama. This event is taking place in the beginning of February and has the goal to expand social entrepreneurship and contribute to raise employment rates in the Cross-Border area, by improving the effectiveness of local development policies for economic growth and quality of social entrepreneurs in the area between Greece and Bulgaria.

Here is a picture of me in the office at the Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Furthermore, I have the chance to meet new people with different national identity and/or professional status, the way the project goes with the cross-border policy I can learn new ideas.

Besides the chance to participate in this program, which I consider to be a life-time experience so far, I am happy to cooperate with my colleagues.

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