IVY Report : What’s up after (almost) 2 months?

Hello everyone!

I am Oriane, I’m French, 20 years old and I am now doing an Interreg Volunteer Youth at the Joint Secretariat of Interreg Sudoe in Santander (Spain). This volunteering is also part of my university curriculum because it allows me to validate my third year of studies in Sciences Po Paris.

I arrived on the 22nd of May in Santander and started my volunteering on the 23rd of May, already some months ago! The team of the Joint Secretariat of Interreg Sudoe could not have welcomed me better, I am very happy to work with them and they make me feel at home! The two first months were very intense: I travelled a lot thanks to my IVY, I learned a ton of things, I discovered my new region and city and experienced some nice activities (such as surfing!).

Firstly, two weeks after my arrival in Spain, the whole Joint Secretariat and me flew to Brussels to organise an important event at the Committee of the Regions aiming to prove that Interreg Sudoe has a real impact on the territory and helps effectively to build transnational cooperation in the South-West of Europe. I learned many things about European Institutions and my host programme!

Then, I have been to Alicante (Spain) with my colleague Andréa to attend a training about capitalisation organised by Interact. I enjoyed meeting people from other Interreg Programmes and all over Europe.

Finally, we organised a training with the Interreg MED Programme during two days in Faro (Portugal) to train our approved projects about lobbying and advocacy. It was intense but very interesting and I got to know our projects for the first time so it was a nice experience!

Now I have to work on my main tasks about capitalisation and communication of the programme, and I love my tasks. To conclude, I would say that those first 2 months as an IVY at Interreg Sudoe were the beginning of a wonderful experience and I am very excited for the next months!

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