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Time flies fast here in the south of Italy, especially when you are enjoying it to the fullest. Our IVY team here at Pino Pascali Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art was busy in the last few months on setting up the base for the upcoming project activities and workshops that will be organized in the Puglia Region.

For those who missed our first blog post, I would like to recall that project ArTVision+ is based on innovative concept of tourism product promotion through an IT platform that will connect artists and organizers of tourist activities (museums, theatres, tourist offices, etc.), thus facilitating the joint organization and implementation of cross-border initiatives and events.

The end of June (28 and 29 June) was dedicated for the 2nd project meeting in Rijeka, Croatia. I got the opportunity to join the meeting which made me really happy because I could also give my small contribution to the project. After a long trip from Bari to Rijeka, I immediately went to the bakery for the portion of “burek and yogurt”, typical Croatian / Bosnian food which I missed so much in Italy. :D

After this, I was ready for the meeting which was organized in the Natural History Museum, small yet interesting museum.

During the first day of the meeting partners discussed about challenges in project implementation and necessary changes that will have to be done in the future. After the meeting, the Lead Partner organized the guided tour in the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral. In 2,5 – 3 hours, thanks to our lovely guide and interactive features we truly immersed in the local Croatian history. Just a small hint, in this museum is exhibited the original life-saving vest from the Titanic, one of the five that have been preserved all over the world.

After the museum tour, we headed to the local pub in the old town for the social dinner. The atmosphere was great and everyone wanted to know more about Interreg Volunteer Youth. I presented IVY and shared my positive experience and suggested to join the initiative.

The second day of the meeting was more technical; the Lead partner presented the design of the IT platform, which is the core of the project. This was followed by a presentation about the educational workshops and video making activity. The autumn will be really busy for the project partners, and I would recommend to all young people who do have some talent or experience in video making to follow the official ArTVision+ Facebook page. Something good is about to come. Stay tuned.

This short “business” getaway in Croatia was a great opportunity to better understand the project and its impact on the involved territories. Also it was an amazing opportunity for networking and exchange of experiences. I will for sure remember it. Thank you all for making it possible, especially to Lead partner Primorje-Gorski Kotar County for hospitality and gifts (P.S. My Italian friends loved brochures about Kvarner)

And finally, if you decide to visit Rijeka take some time to visit Natural History Museum and Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral. Although, I visited Rijeka few times, this was my first time visiting these museums and I will say that are worth seeing. (Kristina)

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