The first wetlands are floating!

Hey there!

As promised in our previous post, we want to inform you that the installation of the first two floating wetlands was a success! Besides fighting eutrophication, these floating wetlands create diverse habitats and can also be an aesthetic “eye-catcher” for residents and tourists in coastal regions once flowering starts. The video of the installation can be found on our website and here:

The techniques applied in the LiveLagoons project are not the only ones that can be used to improve water quality. As a matter of fact, at the EUCC-D, we are working towards this goal using different approaches. In particular, Mikel has recently been working on the Morpheus project which aims to reduce the release of pharmaceuticals into the Baltic Sea, investigate suitable treatment technologies and raise awareness among different target groups. There is still room for improvement at every step of the chain from production to disposal, through regulation, consumption and merchandizing/advertising.

Apart from the regulatory and technical aspects, the population shares a great responsibility in the appropriate disposal of unused or expired medicines. This requires a greater public understanding and an increased awareness about the negative consequences of improper disposal.

Unfortunately though, the general public may still face some difficulties when trying to dispose of medicines in a proper way. Mikel´s research revealed inconsistencies among the partner countries´ disposal schemes with at least one of them shutting down the public disposal program and another one collecting almost 50% of the unused medicines through a public return system funded by the government.

What about you? How do you get rid of unused medicines? Try to find out the best way to do it in your country and if you like, let us know how it works ;)

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