DEMO - synergy between music and sustainability!

In the Ardennes, there has been a willingness to follow the sustainable lifestyle. However, there was a lack of cultural structure, which would lead and show an example. Consequently, a project of cross-border cooperation DEMO took this loop whole. It was created as an actor of sustainability. Most of the partners are cultural actors, such as festivals and concert halls; hence they invite a lot of people and have to show the good example.

Their main action finalizes in three axes:

1. Environmental diagnostics and implementation of the common reference system

2. Experimentations - DEMO aims at creating innovative solutions for environmental issues

3. Dissemination - spread the good practices and information

There are also numerous partners and organizations that are interested in sustainable development, but do not have the financial means. Hence, DEMO is privileged with this financial support that allows them to experiment and create innovative means for sustainable development. Some of the concrete examples would be always present DEMO stands during the festivals, where (usually) volunteers spread the good news about sustainable development and Interreg project; a portable ashtray that fights with piles of cigarette buts; rolling plates to increase accessibility for people with decreased mobility, etc. DEMO has already a lot of good and visible examples to show, have you encountered any?

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