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Interreg for dummies @Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen

What does Ninja has in common with Samurai? Or Ninja and cross-border cooperation? If you can’t find answers by yourself, I, the Interreg Youth Volunteer in the French Ardennes, have dismantled the programme and its effect!

Having spent 2 months already in the Ardennes, I kept on bumping into an idea that European Union is just too complex to be interesting. People kept raising idea that the complexity of EU laws stops them from wanting to understand the EU. Hence, it made me question, how can I show people that EU can be fun?

One of the things that helped me come up with the ‘Interreg pour les nuls’ were the ‘Lithuanian pour les nuls’, where I taught some of the Lithuanian words for my French colleagues. Thus, having made some Lithuanian language classes 'for dummies' brought me an idea of creating a simple and amusing video in French to show people, how easy , fun and useful European cooperation can be.

'Interreg pour les nuls' stands to promote and break down Interreg as a financial programme to increase cross-border cooperation. It also stands to show some of the projects that are already being implemented in the Ardennes.

If you are curious about Interreg in the Ardennes and you understand a bit of French, check out this video. It's the first step of understanding my and Europe’s role in the Ardennes.

IVY Virginija

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