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As mentioned in my last post, in the past few weeks I've been working on the design of the surveys in relation to the two studies on the impact of SUDOE projects and on the needs of the Programme's key actors.

After careful internal analysis, the proposed questionnaires were sent to the National Authorities of the Programme for comments. To reach the largest number of people and make it easy for them to understand exactly the goal of the studies, the surveys will be launched in the three main languages of the Programme (Spanish, French and Portuguese). For this reason, it's key to take into account those comments and adapt the questions according to the specificities of each language. This is quite challenging and not always an easy task, but we are currently working on a final version for the two questionnaires to have them ready before Christmas, since we are planning to launch both surveys early January.

A part from the studies, in the last few weeks I was also involved in other communication activities, such as the making of a short promotional animated video about Interreg SUDOE that will be soon available on the Programme website. It's my very first video! :-)

Together with Andréa, main responsible for Communication at the Secretariat, I also joint the second Cap&Com Workshop, organised in Bilbao last month by INTERACT. The event brought together colleagues from various Interreg Programmes and was a great occasion for exchanging views on better communicating and capitalising Interreg results. Among other topics, the various sessions focused on how to link Interreg results to policy change and on storytelling as a key tool for raising awareness on Interreg potential. Agnes Monfret, Head of Communication at DG REGIO was also there to give a presentation on the DG communication strategy and action plan. She finally concluded her speech by mentioning the Interreg Youth initiative and encouraging participants to host volunteers in their respective organisations, which was indeed a great promotion for IVY.

In the past month I also had the opportunity to discover some nice places in Cantabria and Basque Country: the wonderful beach of Arnía, the historic town of Santillana del Mar, the beautiful Gaudi's early work “El Capricho” in Comillas, the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on the coast of Biscay. This area has indeed so much to offer!

I'm soon leaving Santander to spend Christmas in Italy with my family and friends but will be back early January to give you some updates about our surveys and other interesting stuff! :-)

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