BALTIC TRAM- Two IVY Volunteers in Hamburg

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We are Ruben and Ondrej, both researching at the project BALTIC TRAM.

Ruben & Ondrej at DESY

Who we are?

My name is Ruben. I come from El Arenal, in Spain. After my studies in Madrid, I have participated in several EU programs for Youth – Erasmus, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Youth Exchanges in several countries, FARO Program…- and the outcome is that it was always really positive, and it had an impact in my life. I was working for the private sector in Bratislava before applying for this project; I felt that I was in the need of a change and this could be a great opportunity to learn and experience new things.

Hi, I am Ondrej and I come from Brno, Czech Republic. During my studies of business, I took part in the Erasmus+ exchange program and I truly enjoyed the international experience, exploring different cultures and meeting people from all around the EU. After working for a few years, I decided to experience something similar and I have been traveling a lot for the last couple of months. In the end, I got lucky to receive this great opportunity to work on an attractive project in Hamburg, which I could not deny.

What is the project about?

Baltic TRAM tries to bridge the gap between industry and analytical facilities, such as Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, DESY. We are both researching the best way to engage industrial users by making access to the facilities easier and informing them about the possible measurements options. Therefore, I am studying what initiatives are already deployed for this purpose and what are the elements of communication between all the stakeholders, including universities, researchers and project partners that might be improved to strengthen the cooperation.

Olaf Kosinsky, Wikimedia

What we do?

Ruben: I focus on developing new educative projects for industry regarding the access and interaction with DESY. I am trying to find the gaps in the projects already developed for this matter. So far, I travelled with the team and participated with the team in the Baltic TRAM Mid-Term Conference, which took place in Stockholm, at the helm of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

At the beginning of my stay as IVY I participated in the workshop "European Open Society Cloud - Bridging the gap between H2020 and ESIF", organized under the European Week of Regions and Cities framework. I was invited by the European Commission, to help them summarize the conclusions of the workshop. It was a really interesting experience for me as I had the chance to meet IVY volunteers and to get to know more about different projects.

Ondrej: Due to my background in economics and finance, I focus more on understanding and analyzing the business model in the so-called technology transfer. This concept is basically about commercialization of the basic research – suppose you are a scientist and you discover a new technology (for example in chemistry, material science or pharmaceutics). Unless you want to use this technology only for further research, you may want to apply it in the industry – develop a new medicament, use better materials for car production and so on. In that case, the research findings must be commercialized and scientific findings turned into a particular product development. There are plenty of public funding sources (on EU, regional and national level) to help you with this process, but it’s not too attractive for private investors to support technology transfers. My task is to analyze the reasons behind this and come up with recommendations on how to obtain more private funding.

Next week we will travel to Lübeck together with the team, where we will have an internal meeting with project partners to get an overview about the point of the project development.

Exibithion at DESY installations, Art Meets Science

Ruben & Ondrej, Project Partners at BALTIC TRAM, Hamburg

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