Interreg Youth Volunteer representing the French Ardennes in the Committee of the Regions!

IVY volunteer Virginija at EuroPCom

It's been only days since I've started my Interreg Reporter experience in Charleville-Meziers, the Departamental Council of the Ardennes, but I've already had a chance to visit Brussels and learn more about European Public Communication (EuroPcom).

EuroPcom is an annual meeting point for communication experts, managers, local, regional and national authorities. It's a great place to be and greater place to network! It kicked off in the hemicycle of the European Parliament with introductory and inspirational speeches from high-level speakers and guests.

At the opening session in the European Parliament

After the opening ceremony participants headed off for the Committee of the Regions, which actually organised the conference. The first day was orientated towards data mining and communication, social media trends and meeting in personal my dear Interreg Volunteer Youth reporters! Besides gaining new information, sharing experiences we also managed to spread the word about Interreg and gain useful contacts!

Spreading the word at EuroPCom!

Second day of EuroPcom started with currently one of the biggest aching parts of Public Communication - fake news and misinformation. The other session that I've signed up for was drivers of engagement that showed excellent examples of encouraging democratic participation. There were many other great sessions and workshops during the conference, which was a terrible headache for a representative of Libra (choosing from many interesting sessions is not our best skill).

Another exciting thing was to have my first interview (as an Interreg reporter) with a Desk Officer European Cross-Border Cooperation- DIRECTORATE-GENERAL for Regional and Urban Policy about Interreg and its future! Curious to know why Interreg is needed? What does it mean for the Ardennes? Stay tuned for the full interview!

Virginija interviewing EC Officer at DG Regio Gianluca Comuniello

In the mean time, check out the Storify about EuroPcom and follow @Virginie_Balc for more exciting news and updates !

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