Before I end this journey ….

As I wrote on my earlier blog post, I have been working with the communication task about how project from NPA region can raise awareness. We received a lot of videos from the projects. The task was that the project that we are working with to simply explain what their project is working with. I made a compilation video that can be seen here:

This task was a great way for me to learn more about the goals and impacts of the projects and how there are aiming to improve the future. At the Annual Conference event, I met with many interesting people that are behind the projects. Those of them that are targeting young people in one or another way, made a short video explaining how they do that. I would like to present some of those projects:

NPA projects that are targeting young people:

REGINA aims to develop Regional Innovation in the Nordic Arctic and Scotland with a special focus on regions with large-scale projects. At the Annual Conference I met Ryan Weber, who is a reasercher and project manager for Regina project. On this video, he talks how his project aims to reach young people and how it involves them.

This is a very cool project that aims to increase international business for creatives working. Anyone working in the creative sector in the regions Mid-Sweden, North East Iceland, Northern Finland, South East of Northern Ireland and the West of Ireland, can create a free Profile to showcase their work. There is a lot of creative inspiration on their webpage.

I met Pauline White, who is project coordinator for Creative Momentum. Here is a short video, where she talks a little about how their project supports young people.

What is Circular Ocean?

Circular Ocean project aims to inspire communities to realize the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes. In pursuit of new innovative and sustainable approaches towards the proceeding, recycling and repurposing of marine plastic waste, the Circular Ocean project develop, share and test new opportunities.

I met the Circular Ocean´s project manager Niel James, and he said a few words about how their project involves young people.

For more information about the Circular Ocean Innovation Conference:

RYE Connect´s passion is to promote innovative thinking that inspires young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 30, to create unique business opportunities across Northern Europe and the Arctic. The programme aims to support young talent and encourage them to think and act innovatively helping those to set up a new business, entrepreneurs who have an existing business who wish to grow their business through export opportunities and those who are facing difficulties within their existing business who require support and guidance to turn their business around.

Kalle Pakalén, project manager for RYE Connect, couldn’t say it better:

Video from young people

I asked project that are aiming young people in their project, to forward a task to young people. It was again a video-task :)

We asked the project to send a task to young people in coastal communities, to illustrate with a selfie video their views and actions for their future in their region and talk a bit about what makes them stay or leave in their region. The goal was to understand young people´s view about their situation and their attitude towards the issue of outmigration. The idea was to collect a few of them and show them on the Annual Conference, but unfortunately we didn’t receive enough videos and didn’t show it after all.

Here is the compilation video that I made from the videos that I received.

Overall it has been some interesting process to work with all those video tasks. I still believe that video is a great way to delivering message effectively and it gives the audience a different experience.

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