Does rain make you more creative?

Here in Copenhagen has been raining for whole July month and I have worked in the office to on new ways to promote the Programme. Here are some of the things that I have been working with the last few weeks.

In connection with our Lead Partner Seminar at 20th September in Galway, we would like to invite students from Galway to this event. Projects that we are working with will present how they affect people’s daily lives. Since a lot of young people don’t know so much about what EU projects are working with, we see as a good opportunities for them to learn about how the people behind the projects and how they aim to improve their future.

The seminar will among other things focus on project communication. We have asked projects to bring roll-ups and present their work and how it affects the daily lives of people. This could be a good opportunity for the young people to ask questions and learn about all of our approved projects. At the same time, it would also be a great exercise for our projects to have to explain about their results to young people that don’t have any prior knowledge. We also see this as a good opportunity for promoting the programme.

I have designed a poster with basic information about date, place and time. The idea is to send it out to the projects that are partners with universities in Galway. We hope of course that young people will show up.

The European Commission Programme manager Joanna Kiryllo contacted us about DG REGIO sending young people “on the road” as testimonials. We have proposed to invite those young people to come on 20th September to our Lead Partner seminar where they can find all of the NPA projects at the same venue.

I have made contact with projects that are targeting young people, to help us with forwarding a video task to them. We are curious to know what makes them stay or leave their region, and whether they see opportunities in the Blue Economy, which is the theme of the Annual Conference on 21st September. One of the things that we ask them to do is to write message to the conference audience, about what they should be aware of when it comes to the life of young people.

In my previous blog I wrote about the video task that my mentor and I prepared for the projects. We have sent our task to the projects and now we are waiting for their products and I will start editing the materials.

I am so pleased to get the chance to be a part of the team. I develop my communication skills and at the same time I try my best to come up with new ideas to raise awareness and to help promoting the Programme and it´s stories in an innovative way.

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