Arts in the Alpine cross-border territories between France & Italy

Some people willing to launch an Interreg project may think that they will deal with cold bureaucracy and a lot of red tape. While some obligations are always there (after all, European money is public money!), nothing prevents young and creative people from promoting their works through an Interreg Programme.

Let’s just take an example from ALCOTRA: recently, the project Borderscapes has closed its activities, notably with a documentary-films Festival in Turin. Borderscapes, conceived and managed by the Italian Fondazione Dravelli and the French Airelles Vidéo, is a project entirely dedicated to Art, thanks to which 8 artists had the opportunity to freely develop and confront their ideas. Coming from different disciplines, such as drawing, music composition, video-making, photography or audio-art, they lived together for some weeks in different artistic residences in the French and Italian Alps.

They explored the possible influences that each form of art could have on another, and then produced some original works, inspired by the theme of frontiers. They addressed many topics: folk music; the journey of many migrants crossing borders throughout Europe and their relation with local population; the protests and popular uprisings concerning the TAV project between France and Italy; the intimate relation of the artist with his/her personal perception of borders. All these works were then exposed in Turin during the Festival, called Speaesamenti/Dépaysements (which could be translated with “the situation of finding oneself out of its place”). In addition, the Festival was also the occasion for other artists, especially documentarists, to present their films. “Frontiers”, again, were the fil rouge of the Festival and the directors interpreted this theme in many different ways in their films: geographically, spiritually, politically.

We, Laura and Silvia, had the great chance to be present at the inauguration of the Festival; we also had some nice conversations with the project managers and some artists: find out more about the project and our interviews through these links:

Isn’t it beautiful when European funds are used to promote art and freedom of expression?

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