When Museums become Living Places

Last week, the 21st of June, we have been invited to the inauguration of the project Luoghi Viventi – Lieux Vivants (“living places”, in English), funded by Interreg ALCOTRA, here in Turin. The ambition behind the project is to explore the possible connections between arts and technologies to offer a new experience to Museums’ visitors.

Nine Italian and French well-known authors have been invited to compose a story, inspired by the atmospheres of the three Museums involved in the project: the Egyptian Museum of Turin (Italy), Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s house Les Charmettes and the Fine Arts Museum of Chambéry (France). We had the chance to listen to one of the stories last Wednesday and found the result really fascinating. Through an app installed on your mobile phone, it is possible to listen to the story associated with the room you are visiting; some sensors (beacons) will interact with the app while you are moving inside the room. For instance, while contemplating the Kha and Merit’s sarcophagus and belongings, a wealthy Egyptian couple of the ancient Egypt, visitors can listen to the amazing story of the Italian archeological expedition that found their tomb.

The recitation of the readers, combined with all the archaeological findings of ancient Egypt preserved in the Museum, has the power to immediately immerse the visitors in the times of the protagonists and objects at the heart of the collection.

The event has also been the opportunity to meet different actors and partners of the project and to have a little chat with them.

You can read about it here: http://www.interreg-alcotra.eu/it/attualita/visitare-i-musei-come-luoghi-viventi-succede-torino-e-chambery-grazie-ad-alcotra-2014-2020

If you want to learn more about this project, have a look on ALCOTRA website: http://interreg-alcotra.eu/it/decouvrir-alcotra/les-projets-finances/luoghi-viventi

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