Getting into practice: great ideas to promote Interreg projects!

My mentor, Kirsti and I have started a couple of projects. Here is a short description of them:

Some communication ideas:

Since many people don’t have a clue what EU projects are working with and what their achievements are, we decided to give the projects a task, where project can prove their impacts.

I have been working with different marketing platforms that focus on increasing awareness, and since my mentor Kirsti, had a workshop about “Mobile journalism”, we decided to united our knowledge and create a task for the projects that has to communicate to general public about the positive impacts of EU projects.

The task is, that each project has to send us 5 minutes raw material of a “homemade” video, where they give a message to the general public about how they can make a difference and help the project to achieve their goals. After we edit the video, and make it visually exciding to the audience to watch. Finally it can be shown to the general public on 21st September at the European Cooperation Day.

Video project focusing on youth's perspectives (in process)

We would like to illustrate with using the video as a tool of expression, what the youth’s attitude forward the future holds and their thoughts and motivation for staying in a location. The goal is to develop a better understanding of young people between 18 – 30´s view about their situation.

The video should be again be made from own phone or camera, and the plan is that it will be shown on the Annual main conference in Ireland. One of the things we want to ask the young people is, to write down a main message to the conference audience on a piece of paper about what they should be aware of when it comes to the life of young people in their region.

To check if the task is clear enough, I have send it to a person, and I am expecting comments from her, if the task and the questions are understandable.

I am also planning to do a video introduction of the task.

Why video?

In my opinion, video is a media that can gasp the attention and in delivering a message effectively. Not to mention the fact that video helps convey factors that text cannot, such as emotions and personality. Combining visual and audio interaction has a much greater impact and it creates a different experience to the audience.

And the best thing is, that because video has become prominent today, creating own videos has never been easier. The video communication message, can be sent anywhere in the world, to any device, easily and quickly.

The video tasks helps to bridge the distance to the people across the NPA programme area. J

Other projects are coming up. Stay tuned!!!

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