As my second week begins...

As my second week as the first deployed Interreg Reporter in the Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) begins, I wanted to share some news about my fresh experience!

Right from the outset, the spirit of cooperation and flexibility / openness between my new colleagues could hardly be more present, as the team I just joined is highly heterogeneous –and European: 3 Romanians, 1 German, 1 Italian, 1 Greek, 3 Serbs, 1 Spanish, 3 Hungarians... And here I come, all French, adding an eighth nationality to this marvellous cultural “melting pot”!

My first days are more focused on getting to know more about the features of the DTP and Interreg programmes in general, about territorial cooperation and solidarity-oriented approved projects.

Being really immersed in the daily work of a Joint Secretariat working closely with the Managing Authority of the Programme, and getting to actually talk to and ask on-the-ground people / professionals whenever I have practical questions… I am eager to keep on learning, and I will definitely gain much from these coming 5 months!

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