Are you passionate about communication?

Do you want to help disseminate information about solidarity and cooperation in Europe? 

Then join Interreg Volunteer Youth as...

Interreg Reporter


You will:


  • help with disseminating information on the benefit of European territorial integration on the ground, through reporting successful Interreg projects via interviews, newsletters, events and social media;

  • be deployed either in the offices of the Interreg Managing Authorities and/or the Interreg Joint Secretariats.


Raise awareness and improve the visibility of cooperation!

Cool - I am interested! Is my profile suitable to become an Interreg Reporter?

Young people from any EU country and other partner countries between 18 and 30 years old can apply to become an Interreg Project Partner. Just check that you have the right competences and interest to best support the project you would like to volunteer for. Volunteering is about helping someone by putting your skills at the benefit of  a specific goal - in this case, the Interreg project activities. Based on the placement offers, specific skills are key to make IVY a valuable experience for all sides involved.

STEP 1: Pre-selection of candidates

The coordinating organisation (AEBR) shares suitable profiles with the host organisation. The profiles are chosen for each offer taking into account the host organisation's specific needs in terms of language skills and other competences which are essential to be able to support the communication activities. 

STEP 2: Selection of the volunteer

The host organisation chooses the succesful candidate(s) by setting up interviews with all or some of the pre-selected candidates.

So which degree or previous experience can give me more chances to become an Interreg Reporter? 

Passion for or a background in communication is a plus to become an Interreg Reporter. Experience in the field of communication and a sound level of the languages required help the host organisation the best.

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