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With Interreg Volunteer Youth, you can support territorial cooperation in the EU and its neighbouring countries.

See here below which partners are currently looking to host a volunteer, and send an email to ivy@aebr.eu to apply for the offer that best suits your interest.

Please consider applying only if you meet the basic requirements. You can find more information here: https://www.interregyouth.com/apply 
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Interreg Project Partner at the Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord (PNRVN) – SYCOPARC

La Petite-Pierre, France

The volunteer will support the Interreg project “Endangered animal species in the Vosges du Nord - Pfälzerwald Cross-border Biosphere Reserve”. The project aims to develop concrete protection measures and to increase the number of breeding facilities for the reintroduction of threatened species. The measures will be applied both outside the protected areas and in certain "Natura 2000" areas.


In particular, the volunteer will:

  • Organise mediation and awareness-raising actions in favour of the citizens of the cross-border biosphere;

  • Organise school projects in the Vosges du Nord area (contacts with schools, environmental education associations and the local authorities concerned);

  • Support in preparing and planning film-debates for the general public;

  • Assist each project officer in the preservation actions for each endangered species on the field;

6 months,  from April

26 EUR per day

French C2

German B1

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Interreg Reporter at the Regional Council of Reunion Island

Sainte Clotilde, Réunion Island

The Regional Council of Reunion Island is the managing authority of threIndian Ocean Interreg Programme, that aims to to increase the international potencial of research and innovation in the Indian Ocean, support the development of economic exchanges in the India Ocean region, strengh the collective capacity to adapt to climate change and risk preveention and management, strenght the knowledge and development capacities of the natural and cultural heritage of the Indian Ocean region, raise the collective level of expertive by supporting training and exchanges.

The volunteer will be involved in the following activities and tasks:

  • Writing articles about the projects financed by the Interreg programme: participating to the project events, exchanging with the Regional Council offices in Indian Ocean and with the foreign partners on project execution, participating to meeting with beneficiaries;

  • writing articles to highlight the actions of the programme in specific fields, regarding the challenges within the cooperation area;

  • writing brief summaries for the programme's newsletter;

  • translation of documents;

  • contribution to other communication media: films, exhibitions, websites, etc..

5 months, starting from April

26 EUR per day

French (C2), English (C1),

Portuguese (optional)(C1)


Interreg Project Partner at the EUCC-Coastal Union Germany

Rostock, Germany

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg Project “Creating opportunities for regional growth through promoting Cultural HERitage of fISHing communities in Europe (CHERISH)”.

The main objective of CHERISH is to improve regional development policies to protect and promote cultural heritage in fishing communities in order to boost attractiveness of these regions for businesses, citizens and tourists.

The volunteer will be involved in the following activities and tasks:

  • Get an overview about the running Interreg projects at EUCC-Coastal Union Germany, such as “LiveLagoon” on floating plants to combat eutrophication and to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea and “CONTRA” on beach wrack management and the sustainable reuse of problematic beach wrack, mainly algae and sea grass, that is washed ashore on tourist resort beaches;

  • Be fully involved in the CHERISH Project, learning how human activities affect environment and are related to European policy, learning how stakeholder processes can influence national and European policies, learning how stakeholder groups are formed and motivated to participate in coastal issues;

  • Plan online meetings with actors from local communities involved in the LiveLagoons, CONTRA and CHERISH projects, and participate in a large international partner meeting (virtual) and information exchange for the Interreg project (CONTRA).

  • Be involved in stakeholder evaluation activities, incl. questionnaire in CHERISH, survey data and indicators;

  • Participate in scientific work to analyse the socio-economic impact of beach wrack at case study sites around the Baltic Sea region;

  • Support with local stakeholders within CHERISH;

  • Other communication activities: communication and dissemination of project results, article writing for newsletters and social media, communication of own awareness of coastal issues, gained knowledge and experiences related to the project, etc. 

6 months, starting from March

28 EUR per day

English (B2)

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Interreg Project Partner at the Small Islands Organisation (SMILO)

Aix en Provence, France

The volunteer will support the Interreg project “DestiMED PLUS” . The project will work with regional administrations for the integration of tourism and conservation agendas in nine coastal Protected Areas of the Mediterranean region, with the aim of establishing a Mediterranean wide Ecotourism Consortium (MEC).


In particular, the volunteer will:

  • Assist in the cooperation with the Interreg DestiMED Plus project partners;

  • closely follow the activities of the project in the different pilot island sites and help define good practices in the field of tourism that could enrich SMILO’s approach (methods and tools); 

  • support the preparation of a tool kit for SMILO partner islands to better understand how to evaluate the footprint of tourism activities;

  • contribute in strengthening linkages between the project activities and the SMILO labelling process on the islands and the overall goal of strategic planning at the level of the island;

  • help in the dissemination of DestiMED Plus project results beyond the territories of the project and beyond EU borders;

4-5 months – starting in March/April

26 EUR per day

French (C2), English (C2), and Spanish or Italian (B2)]

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Interreg Project Partner at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency

Villeurbanne, France

The volunteer will be involved in 2 Interreg Projects about renewable energies, low carbon communities and good governance:

  • ALPGRIDS (Alpine Space), that aims to identify a common microgrid model for Alpine Space territories to derive the appropriate policies, promote market opportunities and support decision-making process;

  • SHREC (Interreg Europe), that aims to improve regional and national policies increasing the share of energy from renewable sources in the overall energy mix and encouraging and facilitating the production and use of renewables by businesses, communities and households.


In particular, the volunteer will be involved in the following activities and tasks:

  • Work alongside the European division of the Energy and Environment agency, thus will assisting in managing the activities within the two mentioned Interreg projects;

  • Participate in the organization of regional and international events in the framework of these projects;

  • Help to promote the activities of these projects: this include social media management and promotion in related events;

  • Research for financing opportunities for future programmes

Notions in european projets, directives, institutions, political science or law are very much appreciated.

6 months, starting from April

26 EUR per day

English (C1/C2), French (B1/B2), Additional language appreciated



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