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With Interreg Volunteer Youth, you can support territorial cooperation in the EU and its neighbouring countries.

See here below which partners are currently looking to host a volunteer, and send an email to ivy@aebr.eu to apply for the offer that best suits your interest.

Please consider applying only if you meet the basic requirements. You can find more information here: https://www.interregyouth.com/apply 

Interreg Project Partner at Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Marseille, France

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg MED project "POSBEMED2", dealing with the preservation of Posidonia Banquettes on beaches in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur REGION (called also REGION SUD). Posbemed 2 overall aim is to manage the Mediterranean coastline by developing planning strategies that recognize the value of the Posidonia-beach-dune environment, ensure high level conservation for priority sites (Protected Areas), and to integrate these results as part of an overall coastal zone management strategy, while also addressing concerns and educating stakeholders.

In particular the volunteer will carry out the following activities and tasks:

  • Assisting to the setting of the events: relationships with the contractor and the Protocole service of the Region SUD;

  • Promoting the event across all social media platforms pre-defined by Region SUD and POSBEMED2, in link with the Communication Department of the Region;

  • Supporting the events manager with logistical and administrative support;

  • Maintaining records of providers and the progress of their missions;

  • Assisting with creative decisions;

  • Attending all meetings to act as a second point of contact;

  • Ad-hoc duties at event including, but not limited to, inscriptions and guests management, help to set accommodations and travel information and all kind of back office tasks linked to the organisation of an event;

  • Helping set up and dismantle event efficiently through to completion, thank you mails… 

The perfect candidate is someone with experience with event management, eager to contribute with new ideas, with good communication skills and confident with all Microsoft Office packages.

French (B2) English (B2)

5 months, starting from July

26 € per day

Interreg Project Partner at Brest Métropole

Brest, France

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg project "RegEnergy", that aims to break up existing structures for increasing the use of renewable energy in North West Europe. Creating renewable energy demand-supply partnerships between urbanised and surrounding rural territories will lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The volunteer will carry out the following tasks and activities:

  • Participating to project partner meetings and RegEnergy related issues events across Europe;

  • Organising the final event that will take place in Brest in May 2022;

  • Working with local stakeholders to contribute to the project's implementation;

  • Contributing to the project management and communication;

  • Activities of interpreting/translation.

French (C1, C2)

English (B2, C1)

6 months, starting from November

26€ per day

Interreg Reporter at the ALCOTRA's Managing authority,
Conseil régional Auvergne-Rhône-Alps

Lyon, France

The volunteer will be involved in the"Interreg V-A France-Italy (ALCOTRA)"programme, that promotes innovation, a safer environment, the valorisation of natural and cultural resources and social inclusion. At the same time, it addresses climate change issues, sustainable mobility and youth employment and education in the cross-border area.


The volunteer will carry out the following tasks and activities:

  • communication on the launch of the new Program 202L -2027: Involvement in the organization of launching event of the next program period 202I-2027 and of the final event 2014-2020;

  • communication on the presentation of the new program to the beneficiaries will take an important place among the tasks;

  • creation of multimedia content;

  • creation of a weekly press review concerning ALCOTRA territories

French Native, Italian (C1),

English (B2)

6 months, starting as soon as possible

26€ per day

Interreg Project Partner at Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo Fundation

Sevilla, Spain

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg project “Intrepida PLus”, a project of territorial cooperation in 
the interreg Programme POCTEP, which has as objective promoting female entrepreneurship in the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion to tap into potential and support financial development. 


Generally speaking there are several tasks that could motivate the volunteer to get involved in the project, to learn by doing and to offer his/her capacity to volunteer within the team:​

  • The volunteer will collaborate in the contact with women entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal, looking for information through different blogs and websites in relation with entrepreneurship in both countries, especially taking into account the regions participating in the project, i.e. Andalusia, Algarve and Alentejo.

  • Forums. He/she will help in the preparation of other activities to be developed in the project for examples Forums, B2B, citas INTREPIDA, etc.

  • The volunteer will be encouraged to look for enterprises in Spain and Portugal that offer the possibility to be visited by citizens. It will be convenient to look for innovative ideas, diversity in the sectors and products.

  • Dissemination. In order to make citizens aware about the support that the European Union offers through the different programmes to citizens.

  • Taking into account that this cooperation is established between Portugal and Spain, being the leader Spain. it could be very valuable if the volunteer could understand or speak Portuguese as to be in contact with Portuguese women entrepreneurs.

Potuguese (B1)

Spanish (B1)

6 months, starting in September

23€ per day

Interreg Project Partner at the American University of Armenia Fund (AUA)

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

The volunteer will support the Interreg Project "Copernicus Assisted Environmental Monitoring Across the Black Sea Basin (PONTOS)", that aims  to enhance transboundary cooperation for large-scale, harmonized environmental monitoring across the countries of the Black Sea region and beyond.


In particular, the volunteer will be involved in the following tasks and activities:

  • Support researchers to collect in-situ data from the project pilot site (Lake Sevan area); 

  • Assist the project team to organize and process the collected/created data; 

  • Assist in creating/collecting ancillary data and information, e.g. Land Use and Land Cover maps; 

  • Help with the training sessions both in class and field as a teaching assistant (topics are related to Earth Observation, advances in EO services in environmental monitoring, and the Copernicus program); 

  • Support in the development of online training modules; 

  • Support in preparation of reports, articles, social media posting content, etc. 

  • Contribute to reaching out to local communities and key target groups.

English C1/C2

2-6 months, start flexible

18€ per day

Interreg Project Partner at the Competitiveness cluster DERBI 

Perpignan, France

The volunteer will be involved in two Interreg projects "CLUSTER EDIFICAT", that aims to  promote energy efficiency in the building sector in France and Spain, and "EKATE", that aims  to promote collective self-consumption of photovoltaic electric energy. 

DERBI works closely with a Catalan cluster for the energy efficiency in activities of interclustering (organization of webinars, B2B, participation to international events, development of a support programme for businesses from the renewable energies). 


In particular, the volunteer will carry out the following tasks and activities:

  •  participation to the implementation of an support programme for internationalisation of SMEs from the sector of sustainable building  

  • visual communication related to the activities of the projects (save the dates, webinars programme) (if possible) 

  • co-elaboration of a press file 

  • co-elaboration of newsletters 

  • contribution to the organization of a seminar dedicated to photovoltaic energy 

  • production in collective self-consumption

The tasks will be redefined according to the volunteer skills and preferences

Spanish (C1)

French (C1)

Catalan and Euskera will be an asset

6 months, starting as soon as possible

26€ per day



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