Volunteering opportunities with Interreg Volunteer Youth

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With Interreg Volunteer Youth, you can support territorial cooperation in the EU and its neighbouring countries.

See here below which partners are currently looking to host a volunteer, and send an email to ivy@aebr.eu to apply for the offer that best suits your interest.

Please consider applying only if you meet the basic requirements. You can find more information here: https://www.interregyouth.com/apply 

Interreg Project Partner at FEUGA, Fundación empresa-universidad gallega

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg Project "VINIoT: A precision viticulture service project based on IoT sensor networks for SMEs digital transformation within the SUDOE area".  The project aims to develop and validate a new technological vineyard monitoring service. This service will allow wine sector SMEs to monitor their plantations in real-time, remotely and at various precision levels (grapes, plant, plot 
and vineyard).


In particular, the volunteer will carry out tasks related to the communication and dissemination of the project:

  • Create news on the project website and social channels;

  • Disseminate the project's results, expecially during online events;

  • Support in organizing events, trainings and wineries visits;

  • Activities such interpreting and translating;

  • Communicate with all project partners from Spain, Portugal and France and other stakeholders.

 6 months, starting in May

23 € per day

English C2

French C1

Portuguese B1


Interreg Project Partner at EGTC Euregio Senza Confini

Trieste, Italy

The volunteer will be involved in the Interreg project "Fit For Cooperation (Fit4Co)", that aims to strengthen cross-border integration and to anchor cross-border issues in regional thinking.  

The volunteer will be involved in the following activities and tasks:

  • Contribution to communication activities: preparing news for the website, posts for the fan page on facebook/LinkedIn and helping organizing the organisation’s page “Transaperent Administration”;

  • Basic activities for project management, administration and communication purposes, such as assisting in writing of reporting, online material, researching background information, organising data collection; 

  • Participation in partner meetings of the FIT4CO project; 

  • Drafting of project’s material. 

5/6 months, starting on May/June 

26 € per day

Italian (C2),

English (B2),

German (B2)


Interreg Project Partner at the Autonom’Lab

Limoges, France

The volunteer will support the PROCURA project, that brings together 6 European partners from Spain, Portugal and France, and it aims to develop promotional actions in the field of Public Procurement of Innovation relative to active ageing of the population. The project is now starting its final phase and the actions require increased communication.


The volunteer will be involved in the following activities and tasks:

  • Develop (with the communication manager) an editorial strategy in order to actively animate the different communication channels of the PROCURA project: writing articles, reports, knowledge transfer document;

  •  Animate the ShareProCare.eu platform, a platform dedicated to the community;

  • Help to carry out communication actions in relation to ShareProCare (creation of brochures, digital presentation in relation to the graphics service provider);

  •  Support the organisation of events to disseminate the final results of the project in Brussels and Valladolid;

  • Creation of a 360° communication plan to launch a green paper (co-written document with the public authorities reporting on the lessons learned from the public procurement of innovation pilot launched as part of the project);

  • Help with reporting for the project evaluation process (monitoring and KPIs).

6 months, starting as soon as possible

26 € per day

English (C1), French (B1), Spanish (A2)

interreg vlaanderen nederland.png

Interreg Reporter for the Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland

Antwerpen, Belgium

Two volunteers are required in order to report on the projects under the Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland Programme, developed within the area between the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), including five Flemish provinces and three southern provinces of The Netherlands. The programme is now focusing on four policy objectives:

  • A smarter Europe: innovation and skills for smart transformation

  • A greener Europe: climate, environment and nature

  • A more social Europe: inclusive labor market, training and sustainable leisure activities

  • A Europe without borders: work together to overcome border obstacles


The volunteers will carry out communicaiton tasks, in order to enhance the visibility of the programme and the projects. In particular:

  • Develop content for the website and social media: articles, interviews, videos, photo reports, blogs etc;

  • Logistic support on organizing events related to the programme activities;

  • Report on the programme activities, events, meeting and so on;

  • Reach potential beneficiaries and inform them about the possibilities within the program.

3 months, starting from September

30 € per day

Dutch (C1, C2)

English (B1, B2)


Interreg Reporter at the ALCOTRA's Managing authority, Conseil régional Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Lyon, France

The volunteer will be involved "Interreg V-A France-Italy (ALCOTRA)"programme, that promotes innovation, a safer environment, the valorisation of natural and cultural resources and social inclusion. At the same time, it addresses climate change issues, sustainable mobility and youth employment and education in the cross-border area.


The volunteer will carry out the following tasks and activities:

  • communication on the launch of the new Program 202L -2027: Involvement in the organization of launching event of the next program period 202I-2027 and of the final event 2014-2020;

  • communication on the presentation of the new program to the beneficiaries will take an important place among the tasks;

  • creation of multimedia content;

  • creation of a weekly press review concerning ALCOTRA territories.

6 months, starting from June

26 € per day

Italian (C2)

French (C1)

English (B2)


Interreg Project Partner at Communauté Communes Coeur de Savoie

Montmélian, France

The volunteer will be involved Interreg project InnovLab, that aims to make the system of micro and small enterprises in this territories more competitive and sustainable, promoting entrepreneurship of the new generations, innovation of the business models and their digital transformation.

The volunteer's mission will be based on two main activities:

​- The organization of the InnovLab School closing event:

  • Assisting the Youth Officer in the organization of the InnovLab School closing event;

  • Communication activities: creation of content to promote the event on social media etc;

-The organisation of the InnovLab Camp in the framework of the "Living Lab" approach:

  • Assist the Franco-Italian cooperation Officer in coordinating the action (link between partners and service providers);

  • Translate in-house documents;

  • Participate in the co-creation and implementation of the InnovLab Camp;

  • Work as a "reporter" on the Living Lab action: creation of content for the promotion of the approach (Photographs, videos, writing of communication material).

6 months, starting from June

26 € per day

Italian (B2)

French (B2)


Interreg Project Partner at GAL VALLI DEL CANAVESE 

Rivara, Italy

The volunteer will be involved Interreg project ExplorLab, that aims to make the area attractive for tourists and local tourism businesses through the qualification of spaces and itineraries, the improvement of governance, the adoption of new tools and the realisation of outdoor tourism events. 

The young volunteer will work in particular for the realisation of a cross border series of tourism events. The main goal of this activity is to co-create events together with local stakeholders and to connect initiatives across the border in order to build partnerships with organisers, operators, performers and businesses. 

The volunteer's tasks will be based on the following main activities:

  • Operational: assisting in the organisation and animation of a participative process for the definition of local tourism events;

  • Communication: To draft elements and products for the on-line and off-line communication of the event review promoted by ExplorLab and other project activities. The volunteer will also be involved in communication activities among the different beneficiaries of the transnational partnership and in particular in the translation of texts and documents;

  • Administrative: taking care of the drafting of activity reports and intermediate documents of the project management.  


These tasks will be carried out in close collaboration with his/her mentor and the responsible staff in charge of the above-mentioned activities within the ExplorLab project.

Deadline for applications: 21st of May

6 months, starting from June

26 € per day

Italian (C1)

French (B2)



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