“EcoPiriDay” has been organised by the IVY volunteers Simona di Costanzo, Clémentine Zill and Hélène Champloy in Jaca, Spain. It has been centred on ecology, recycling and inclusion in the Pyrenees and showcased five projects taking place in the region thanks to the support of the Interreg programme POCTEFA.


The event has gathered many local citizens and successfully informed them about topics like the protection of natural resources or how to limit climate change, while exploring  how innovation and inclusion keep bringing sustainable development in the Prenees.

The attendants have also had the chance to taste local products and to contribute to ecology in the town and learn about the many initiatives realised by local actors from Spain, Andorra and France to improve the environment together.

"Camino de Swingtiago" has been a genuine initiative to dive into the authentic Northwestern Spanish culture. It has combined the spirit of the Camino with music and movement. Held between the 8th and the 9th of June, Ithe event has been organized by the ex IVY volunteer Maria Trinidad Giner and it has been an occasion to discover the city of Lugo, but also to learn what has been done at a local and regional level thanks to European funds.


Cohesion Policy has helped improve the city's architectural, historical and cultural life. With quizzes and games, "Camino di Swingtiago" has informed about the use of Cohesion Policy's funds and accompanied participants along the primitive path of St. James' way. The event has also included discussions, excursions in the nature, and, of course, swing dance sessions.

Naujoji Akmenė goes global!


This year, the city of Naujoji Akmenė celebrated its 70th birthday! Since its foundation, the city has greatly changed in a positive way throughout the years, especially thanks to the support of the EU Cohesion policy.


To mark this milestone, engage people and showcase the positive impact of the EU, from the 12th to the 15th of August a "birthday-week" celebration accompanied the local citizens in an immersive experience throughout the city's history and its tranformations.


Sport competitions, youth engagement activities and public discussions, "world caffee" meetings and concerts, helped to display what has been done at a local level thanks to European funds...in an interactive and fun way!























DisCoVeR – Discovering and canoeing on the Venta river


On Tuesday 13th August, the Venta Regional Park was the venue of a fantastic event dedicated to disadvantaged people of different nationalities: citizens from Latvia and Lithuania, indeed, had the chance to canoeing together on the Venta river, discovering its hidden treasures and learning more about the importance of the Latvian-Lithuanian joint management of its ecosystem and natural resources.


The final stop of the river-tour is set in the Lithuanian village of Santekliai, where a public talk about cooperation between the two Countries and the benefits of EU Cohesion policy took place.

Special attention will be dedicated to the youth and employment opportunities for the local citizens.


“DisCoVer-Discovering and canoeing on the Venta river” was a perfect occasion to unite different people, enjoy the natural wonders and get to know better what the European Union does at a local level!





















WILDArt Majella


The goal of WILDArt Majella was to promote European cooperation by bringing together local communities and artists from all over Europe to promote cultural exchange and enhance local development in the Italian region of Abruzzo.


Through art, it was shown to people how valuable local nature and rural areas are and how the European Union and a wide variety of Interreg projects are supporting their way of living.


Through workshops, presentations, craft stations, a vernissage and local food tasting, people was  introduced to the wonders of Majella National Park and will discover more on the benefits of EU Cohesion Policy.


This innovative event took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The organisers informed about the possibilities to encourage development in the Canary Islands which are promoted by the Programme INTERREG MAC.


The Interreg project “MACAROFOOD“ served as an example to illustrate how cooperation among local producers and entrepreneurs has helped promote typical products, creating chances for to better access labour market to the local population.


The event offered a platform to share ideas, learn about opportunities and start new entrepreneurial projects. Let’s share experiences, get inspiration and motivation for future projects - this is a great opportunity to build new collaborations.























A European Corner 

Every year the “European Cooperation Day” is celebrated  all over Europe on the 21st of September.
Is there a better opportunity to talk about solidarity and cooperation? During the main event organised by the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Programme in Divača, a real “European corner” was setted up by a team of four IVYs. There, families and children met to discover more about the benefits of the EU Cohesion Policy in the cross-border area...in a funny way!In fact, they had the chance to take instant photos with a European frame and get some gadgets while exchanging ideas on the real meaning of cooperation.



Do you want to know how people work together to overcome common challenges and create a sustainable future for the Baltic Sea?

Are you ready to experience “A Deeper Dive”, taking a sound journey and interacting with the sea?

Do you want to be a real actor of the change towards a sustainable development?

Then take part in “SeaBeyondBorders”, the local Citizens’ Engagement Activity! What is “SeaBeyondBorders”? It was a two-day event to discover inspiring cooperation projects about the Baltic Sea and become a real protagonist of the sustainable development of this region. How could you participate? - they came to our conference and they got to know cross-border and transnational projects around the Baltic Sea; - They watched with us “A Plastic Ocean” movie and get aware of the marine litter issue; - They explored “A Deeper Dive” art project, get inspired by the sounds of the sea and find out what’s your impact; - They took Action and participated in our beach clean-up! Events under “Interreg Volunteer Youth” are organised by young volunteers involved in European projects enhancing territorial cooperation.





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