IVY's photo and video contest

AEBR has launched a photo/video contest for the new website of Interreg Volunteer Youth, and we want to make it as inclusive as possible. Help us build it with your images! 


Open borders, solidarity, volunteering, youth, travel, local, and neighbours are what inspires us - and the themes of the contest.


Share with us your unique view on youth participation and cross-border cooperation. Join our efforts to promote the IVY initiative and have your photographs or videos displayed on our website.


Read below the regulations and send us your photos or videos by 22 May 2022 via this form.


Who can participate in the photo contest?


The competition is open to everyone older than 18 years. Just make sure you respect our terms and conditions (see below);)


How to take part?

Upload to this form a photo or video, together with these documents, filled in and signed (templates below):

  • License Agreement Photography

  • Data information sheet

  • Consent image rights or Consent image rights_minors if you take pictures of someone


You can submit multiple photos and videos, but can only be considered once for the contest.


Your photos and videos will be moderated before they are displayed, and they must respect our criteria, which are:

  • The photo combines two of our inspirational themes: open borders, solidarity, volunteering, youth, travel, local, and neighbours;

  • That you are the owner of the image, that you alone own the copyright, and that you have obtained any necessary third-party consent (see templates);

  • The images must be submitted as high-resolution files:

*photos should be 1920 x 1000 pixels to run in the contest for the hero of the homepage, at least 300 pixels on the shorter side to be considered for the website – JPEG or PNG format

*videos should be 1080P in size, 2500 Kbps, 15-30 seconds long - MP4 format



 “And the winner is…” – the selection

All photos and videos will be reviewed by the IVY team for a first selection. The best pictures and videos will then be selected to run the contest through a public voting via Facebook on the page @InterregYouth on 24 and 25 May 2022.

The most voted picture or video will be uploaded on the homepage of the website.      


Winners and participants will be contacted by AEBR who is managing this competition.

Participants should keep an eye on their incoming messages and make sure they reply within 3 working days to the message sent by AEBR via the email address ivy@aebr.eu. With no reply from them, another participant will be chosen as a winner. Then, the winners will be publicly announced by name on the following social media platform(s): FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



All participants whose photos/videos are selected for the public contest will receive an IVY t-shirt.

The winner of the public voting will be awarded by having his/her image displayed on our website homepage.



Rules, terms and conditions:

Keep in mind that we apply these rules, terms and conditions (see below) to IVY’s photo and video contest.


Be remarkable. You must be the sole creator and must own the copyright to the photo(s) or video you submitted.


Ask consent. Do not take pictures of private individuals without their permission. No children should be prominent in the photo. For each person appearing in your picture, make sure to obtain from them the written consent for publishing these pictures on IVY’s websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,) and other communication material in the context of the IVY initiative (see form below).

Keep these consent forms/letters in a safe place.


Don't over-adjust. Fundamental altering, concealing change and essential editing are OK. Embellishments, PC delivered pictures and other significant changes should be avoided. Make sure that the technical quality of the photograph is sufficient (resolution, volume, format...).


Remain safe. Do not put yourself or others in danger while making your photograph/video.


By participating in the photo contest, you also give consent to AEBR to use your photos/videos for their own publicity purposes and communication.


By submitting an image, the participant will have to fill in this form and actively opt-in in order to be eligible by 22 May 2022.


The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the competition prizes and/or modify the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, without prior notice.


Entering the contest implies that you have read and agree to comply with the terms and conditions. The participant will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the contest.

A detailed version of the Terms and Conditions are available HERE.


Templates for the necessary documents:

-licence agreement

-data information sheet

-consent image rights and consent for minors (if applicable)

Access the submission form: https://form.123formbuilder.com/6155666/form



Contest Timeline


07/05-22/05 – photos/videos submission

23/05 – photographs compliance verification

24-25/05 – online voting via Facebook’s page @InterregYouth

26/05 or 27/05 – winner announcement