Posidonia, the lung of the Mediterranean

Bonjour, hello, privet ! My name is Stefaniia, I am from Russia and I am a student in final year of my master degree in France. I had the chance to participate to the IVY’s volunteers team since march 2020. Thanks to this program and my mentor who advise me to send my profile to them, I realized my wish to start my carrier as a community manager in “Région Sud”. Stake: The first tourism destination in France “Région Sud”, with 30 millions visitors per year meet a problem but also the advantage of presence of Posidonia banquettes. In fact, Posidonia is an endemic underwater flowering plant in the Mediterranean. It occupies only 1 % of the bottom but brings together 25% of the Mediterranean f

IVY in my home town

Hello! My name is Nikola and I am volunteering in Rijeka as IVY at the European Interreg Slovenia Croatia Programme. I'm using the possibility of volunteering in my own home town because I think that is a good way to do something for my home town. I'm volunteering on Interreg project ˝Inspiracija˝, which main goal is the revitalization of industrial heritage. We already had an storytelling workshop where we brainstormed a lot of great ideas for outside escape experience. Through the work regarding the project itself, i've met a lot of different people of which I have heard many interesting and innovative ideas for projects that would contribute to the development of our region, and almost a

Volunteering in Lithuania Countryside Tourism Association

Who am I? And why I chose this experience? My name is Monika and in February I have started volunteering experience in Lithuania Countryside Tourism Association (LCTA). I chose to be a volunteer because my main purpose was to develop my communication skills and LCTA seem to be the perfect place for it. LCTA few main goals are: To coordinate activities of the Association members in developing rural tourism in Lithuania, To analyze the demand for rural tourism services within the country and abroad. What did I do? The first days our mentor introduced us to association and the project which they are implementing. In the begging, we tried to organize several events (workshops and practical semin

Biodiversity protection across cross-border areas

Hello!, I’m Claudia and a month ago I began my experience as IVY volunteer. After the graduation in Environmental Analysis and Management at the University of Palermo (Italy), I started working on marine immunobiology following the path traced during my MSc thesis research time. Since then, the curiosity that has always characterized me, and the idea of being able to make my contribution to a greater cause in marine science, pushed on a step forward. And … here I’m now taking part as IVY volunteer at the Interreg Project HARMONY Italy-Malta https://www.harmony-italiamalta.eu/ hosted by the Laboratory of Ecology http://www1.unipa.it/gsaralab/it/home/ at the University of Palermo https://www.u

IVY quarantined

Greetings from home! My name is Carmen and I´m from Extremadura, Spain. I am currently an Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) volunteer in the city of Seville, Andalusia, Spain at Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo (Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation). The foundation promotes dialogue, peace and coexistence among peoples of the Mediterranean. This is the guiding principle that guides the activities of this Foundation. http://tresculturas.org/en/ I support the INTREPIDA project (Internationalisation of Female Entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal toward Insertion, Development and Alliances) is an initiative framed in INTERREG Spain-Portugal (POCTEP 2014-2020) and financed with ER

Interreg: Province of Antwerp. IVY Volunteering experience of Amée Zoutberg

Growing up, I have heard both very positive and very negative things about the EU. On one side of the family, during summer trips to faraway lands, I was reminded of the wonders of Schengen and the euro that had connected the Netherlands seamlessly to Slovenia, Czechia, Sweden or France. On the other side, I was met with disdain when I told stories of the EU opportunities for the youth I had found online. Most responses sounded something like this: “I bet that that’s where our tax money is going.” And they are absolutely right. Just right in a different way that most eurosceptics think. Yes, some of our hard-paid tax money goes directly into the EU’s funds - but this is not a waste of money,

Expanding cross-border education in the Netherlands and Germany

We, Julian and Fleur, have been involved in IVY within the “Nachbarsprache & Buurcultuur” project. This project focuses on cooperation between both Dutch and German secondary schools in the Dutch-German border area. This is done, among others, by supporting school exchanges for pupils and teachers, offering teaching materials and organising congresses in which knowledge and practical examples can be shared. These activities prepare pupils for a cross-border European-oriented future. As part of the project, we assisted at the children's language festival called “Kletskoppen kindertaalfestival”. At our stand, the children could discover their hidden multilingualism through various games (pictu

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