Multicultural journey between Italy and Slovenia through the prism of minorities

The PRIMIS project, entitled "multicultural journey between Italy and Slovenia through the prism of minorities ", financed by Interreg Italy-Slovenia program, aims to enhance the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage of the communities of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Slovenia as excellence for the development of a new sustainable tourism. This area is by nature multicultural and multilingual, due to the presence of Slovenian and Italian national minorities and other language communities (Cimbrians, Ladins, Friulians) making it unique compared to other territories in Italy and Slovenia. The Italian presence in Istria dates back to Roman times, evidenced by the presence of archaeologi

A journey in the Atlantic Area

Dear all, My name is Gaïd, I am a French student in European affairs, and last February, I joined the Interreg Atlantic Area Joint Secretariat as a Youth volunteer. As a true European believer, it was my ambition to participate to the dissemination and visibility of initiatives supported by the European Union on its territories. The Atlantic Area gathers coastal regions from five European countries: Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal. Granted with an inestimable cultural and natural heritage, and an existential relation to the ocean, these territories have a lot to offer, and what could be better than enhancing their cooperation to make the most of these assets? In a few

Interreg and Switzerland? YES!

If I say Interreg, what do you think of? It is an instrument created by the European Union to stimulate cooperation between its member states. It strengthens economic, social end territorial cohesion. It supports job creation, competitiveness, economic growth, sustainable development and improves the quality of life. And you are completely right with everything you are saying! Really! You’re just forgetting a little thing. I bet you can name (not all, but almost all) the countries that are part of the European Union and you can definitely say that Switzerland is not part of the EU. You’re also right about that. Doesn’t mean that Switzerland, as well as other neighbor states, isn’t able to jo

Helping the local community through the preservation of marine resources

Hello, my name is Gabriele and I recently began my adventure as an IVY volunteer at the Interreg Project HARMONY Italy-Malta ( hosted by the Laboratory of Ecology ( at the University of Palermo ( I’ve graduated a month ago and the research experience in HARMONY is the first in a multi-task cross-border project. The Strait of Sicily is one among the HARMONY focal areas, especially the area of Porto Palo di Capo Passero (Sicily) due to its proximity to Malta Island. A shared sea, in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, strongly influenced by human activities, particularly fishing. And there I’m focusi

Meet Monet

Hi there. We are Alessandra and Marika, IVY Volunteers at Pino Pascali Foundation at charming city of Polignano a Mare, Italy for MONET project financed by Interreg Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme. Let us briefly present you the project for which we are also giving our contribution. Project MONET is all about artistic cooperation and the creation of network among museums in Albania, Montenegro, Puglia and Molise Region with the objective to deliver new cultural and creative products, by valorizing cultural heritage through contemporary art. Project foresees many activities such as artistic laboratories, exchanges of artists for creation of museum merchandising products, organization of e

Community, participation and housing – CLTB, Belgium.

Bonjour everyone! Since February, I have been fortunate enough to work as an IVY volunteer for the Community Land Trust Brussels, in Belgium. CLTB is an innovative housing organisation that provides perpetually affordable and collaborative housing for people with limited incomes. As well as being co-owners of the organisation itself, the residents play central roles in the development and management of the properties, as well as additional activities stretching beyond housing. The time here has given me the opportunity to develop hands-on experience with projects that have community members at the heart, which are developed in an inclusive, democratic and sensitive manner. I have been workin

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