Promoting innovative biomedical techniques

Hey! We are Zala and Lea, microbiology and biochemistry students from Slovenia. Thanks to the IVY volunteer program, we are currently involved in the TRANS-GLIOMA project at Medical Center for Molecular Biology. The main goal of the program is to increase cooperation among research institutes, hospitals, universities and companies involved in brain cancer (glioblastoma) research. With joint forces we aim to discover new diagnostic methods and treatments for this currently incurable disease. Our research group, which is led by prof. Komel, is focused on searching glioblastoma stem cell markers that can be specifically detected with nanobodies and finding an efficient drug intake system to rea

Radio YNP- the voice of young people

Can radio change people's lives? Can radio bring people from different backgrounds together? Can radio blur differences between young people? Can radio make a difference? Of course it can! Radio YNP is a youth-led Online Radio Station developed for SEUPB's Youth Network for Peace Programme. It aims to connect and engage young people from both sides of the Irish border and to promote awareness of the issues facing young people and their local areas. Featuring live music sessions, political debates and blockbuster reviews, Radio YNP is a fantastic and exciting project with all shows produced by young people. The radio was set up in May 2018 and it turned out to be a great idea. It not only giv

Cross-border network for migrant women. Social inclusion, sexual and reproductive health

INTERREG V-A ITALY-SLOVENIA: INTEGRA PROJECT The community identity and culture are written by women’s bodies and their free choice on sexual and reproductive health. As much as a woman is aware about her rights, so much more the community is an active actor on social, cultural and inclusion changes. These processes become intermingling and challenging when migration flows bring different cultures together, which are forced to face a world that is radically different than the Country of origin. Cultures with patriarcal and masculine orientation collide with the self-determination of women, particularly in regard to their choice on sexual practice and reproductive health. In fact, in the patr

Exploring the world of algae

Hi, my name is Tereza and I am a student at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Since end of January, I have been an IVY volunteer helping at Institute of Microbiology of Czech Academy of Science – Centre Algatech in Třeboň. I was thinking that it will be ok, that my study programme, especially theme of my bachelor thesis, and the REEgain project will be quite similar. I couldn´t be so wrong! me working On my first day, I absolved a guided tour through whole lab and met all my new colleagues. I was really surprised by two things: firstly, I was immediately considered as part of team and secondly, that atmosphere. This team of researchers aren´t only colleagues of friends, they

The “COASTAL Biogas” project, an example of circular bioeconomy: the effects generated from the anae

When taking into consideration the South Baltic area, one of the most common problems that can be identified is without a doubt the eutrophication phenomenon along the coastline. As a result, the consequences connected to the above-mentioned phenomenon represent a serious threat to the aquatic ecosystem of that geographical area. For instance, inter alia, can be detected the following problems arising from this delicate issue: an increasing quantity of filomentous algae and phytoplankton blooms, as well as the death of numerous different benthic species. In line with the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, special attention should be paid to the “COASTAL Biogas” project (the exact tit

My contribution to educating on space science

It has been nearly two months since I started volunteering in the IVY volunteer program and I am happy to be in a place where I can help create great things in terms of space science and education. While, to some people, what I am currently doing may not sound too interesting, I am glad to have the chance to participate in sharing my experience in this program with other volunteers around the world, as well as add to the ever-expanding blog. As I am volunteering I have assumed, rather, I gave been given the role of a Project Manager Assistant, a job which allows me to learn many new things in office and managerial work, as well as sharpen my time management skills, increase my work capacity

Joining forces and ideas to support quarantined people

Hello everyone! My name is Albert and I am from the Swiss/French countryside. I am currently volunteering as an IVY volunteer in Brussels, Belgium. My host institution is Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB), a very complex housing organisation that provides affordable housing and community engagement to residents of limited incomes. My IVY volunteering journey began in November 2019. Since then, I have learnt a lot about project management and collaborative projects with people from everywhere in Europe. I have, for example, helped Dado (my supervisor) with various projects that our institution is involved in, such as the creation and development of the VZW Green Cantine van Brussels ASBL;

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