Transnational Cooperation in Danube Basin

Hey there! I am Enrico, Italian boy currently living in Budapest as IVY volunteer. The capital of Hungary is amazing, vibrant, modern and old at the same time; a city that “never sleeps”. Walking around you can find many shops, bars, pubs, international restaurants, markets, and so on. Museums are a lot, architectural styles are several, from the Renaissance age to the contemporary period, going through the Austro- Hungarian period. In September I graduated in Eastern European International Relations, so working in an Interreg of the European Union in Budapest was the perfect continuation of my studies. When I was called by Eloy, my tutor at the Danube Transnational Programme, I did not thin

My IVY in MACbioIDi

During my first month as an IVY volunteer, my role in the MACbioIDI project has been mainly developed within the communication area: publishing news of the events in which we participate and keeping all the social networks updated. I had the opportunity to participate in the “MACARONIGHT”, which consisted of an event where several teams of researchers had a stand to show and explain to the general public what their projects were about. My role in this event was, together with a project researcher, to explain to the attendees the subprojects developed, their characteristics, what they are meant to, and their functionalities. An experience that I have enjoyed, since I learned a lot and helped

"Happy to spread something that makes the world a better place"

We are IVY volunteers for the 1 month already. The first experience was interesting and it was also a fun. Jana and me visited the research Centre Algatech, IMIC CAS, the place of our Interreg project REEgain. Our mentor Milada, took us on the lab tour and showed us everything. We also learned a lot of interesting things about algae and their use. The researchers there were very nice to us and treated us as new colleagues. As I have holidays now I spent in the Centre whole two weeks studying the world of science, trying a few things and seeing a lot (a lot indeed!) of interesting publications. I learned to work with the database of publications, which I arranged to the library. I was also i

It may sound like magic but it is science, guys!

My name is Markéta, I am from Czech Republic and I started my IVY volunteering experience at the beginning of June. My host organization is Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. I join the guys from Department of Biomechanics. This fellows are focused on research of mechanical properties of materials, most of the samples are used for medical and bioresearch purposes. They are developing the testing devices and that is something what I, student of technical university enjoy to play with. Actually we are working on Czech-Austrian project ATCZ133 Kompetenzzentrum MechanoBiologie joining biomedical and technical research institutes and universities for invest

Having fun while discovering space technology

Hello everyone! My name is Evelīna and I am an IVY volunteer in Ventspils, Latvia. My host organization is Engineering Research Institute Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre (ERI VIRAC) of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VUAS). I started my volunteer journey on June 3, 2019. Since that day, I’ve been learning a lot about project management, proposal writing in general and spent my time usefully. I’ve been helping my supervisor with different projects our institution is involved in, for example, SpaceTEM (Training the next generation entrepreneurs with handson methods in methods in space STEM) project. In the frameworks of the SpaceTEM project one of the objectives is to

My contribution to sustainable Europe

I got interested in environmental projects two years ago. I lived in Australia when I first saw a little blue penguins. I liked them so much that I decided to focus on becoming environmentalist instead of marketing communicator as I planned before. During my journey towards my goal, I was also involved in ocean conservation in the Philippines. Finally, I decided to learn more about my home, Europe, the Southern coast of the Baltic Sea. This is how I ended up in Rostock, Germany. I joined the German Coastal Union EUCC-D. I am currently involved in environmental communications and I also assist scientists in the field. One of the projects I work on is MORPHEUS. The main goal of it is to provid

D'où que l'on vienne, on est chez soi à Marseille

Wherever you come from, you are at home in Marseille wrote Jean-Claude Izzo. Son of Italian immigrants, Izzo perfectly understood the spirit of this city overlooking the sea and thankful for any kind of its gifts: spices, men, cultures, religions, traditions, languages. The sea meant and means freedom: freedom to leave and as well freedom to arrive. After being European capital of culture in 2013, Marseille is positioning as one of the leading cities for 2050 challenges in the Mediterranean area. It is therefore no coincidence that Marseille and Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur committed to cross-border cooperation and many different programmes: with the Italian regions sharing its boarders

A unique IVY experience

After a long week in which we had lot of activities for our eGUTS project, closely coordinated by Adam BARANY, the Yardo Institute administrator, finishing the week with the satisfaction of the complete work done, me (Daniel AMARIEI) and my colleague Mimi (Mihail SITARIU) we decided to spend a weekend making a short tour in the surroundings. So first, we visited Bratislava (28 km away), where we met with the eGUTS project Manager, Mr Gabriel ADAMEK. A short tour on the eBikes installed by our project, and we continued next day our trip to Hungary to Msonmagyarovar (44 km away) for a fishing party. The capture was much bigger than the expectations, making in this way our weekend really un

Interreg in Gran Canaria

I’ve started my Interreg project in the 2nd week of October, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, main city of one of the Spanish islands, even if we are much closer from Africa than Europe. My host organization is Radio Ecca, they work with education of adults through formal and non formal education and a special system using online and radio classes. One of their departments works with European and International projects, including Erasmus+ and Interreg projects, and that’s where I mostly help them, I came here for an International cooperation project called ADAPTaRES - (“Efficient use of water and its reuse for adaptation to climate change in Macaronesia”). It’s the 7th week since I’m here, tim

1,000 trees to save Doñana National Park

We are Giulia and Sara, 2 Italians volunteering in Spain :) Giulia is volunteering in the project “INTREPIDA” within the programme Interreg POCTEP, hosted by the Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo in Sevilla, while Sara is volunteering at the Joint Secretary of Interreg Sudoe in Santander. We met at the end of October because we both had been invited to a planting activity at the National Park of Doñana in El Rocìo, Andalucia. Why a planting activity and why in Spain? It is well-known that wildfires is a serious problem in Europe. In 2018, nearly 178,000 hectares of land were destroyed with extremely important environmental and socio-economical consequences. Spain was one of the count

My IVY experience in Mérida

Hi! I am Carlos from Portugal and I started my 3 months IVY experience in September 23rd - just 2 days before complete my 31st birthday - in Mérida, Extremadura, Spain, a small city of 60 000 inhabitants, and the project is based in Cross-border Initiatives Office - known as Gabinete de Iniciativas Transfronterizas (GIT) -, part of Directorate-General for External Action - Government of Extremadura. Main building of Extremadura Government – 1. Entrance; 2. Cloister; 3. Skyview; 4. Backyard Together with Centro and Alentejo (two Portuguese regions), we support the EUROACE*. Here in office we do all types of relations, connections and cooperation projects between Extremadura (Spain), Centro (P

The field next door

How do the ideas and outcomes of the INTERREG projects live after the project’s end? The Municipality of Bologna and its European partners are exploring this “unwritten phase” of “MADRE”, Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative sustainable and Responsible Economy: From Monday to Saturday, the association Campi Aperti, the nomad farmers’ market of the city of Bologna, sets up its tables in different squares and social centres of the city to offer its habitants an access to organic local farm products, directly sold from their producers’ hands. By mutualising and cutting out business intermediaries, the farmers reduce the logistic costs. And by establishing a system where farmers

The contest of the Cohesion Policy

Dear Friends, This is a proposal to engage the opportunity to be useful in the contest of the Cohesion Policy. Two months ago I started my IVY Interreg in Syracuse, during this week I was just thinking that for me this time has gone by really fast. I will finish my IVY the last day of December, so, Now it is time to take stock of the work done so far. I am doing my experience in Impact Hub Syracuse, the place in which an idea can become a project and a project can become an enterprise/business. The place in which I want to improve my mindset to become more business oriented. Most of all, Impact Hub Syracuse is partner in the Interreg ENISIE. ENISIE - Enabling Network-based Innovation throug

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