Bout Ye! Natalia's experience at the Special EU Programmes Body in Belfast

Hello Everyone! Bout Ye! My name is Natalia, I am Polish, however, I studied in Scotland and I have been living in many different countries since 2015. In May I started my new adventure with the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) in Belfast. I decided to take this opportunity because I do believe that regions play a crucial role in bringing EU policies closer to citizens. Nowadays, we need cooperation between EU institutions and regional and local authorities to fight Euroscepticism. There is a need to show European citizens how many benefits the European projects have to offer and that they truly change lives. I am proud to be part of it and in the future posts, I am hoping to present you s

Electronic waste recycling and REEGAINING the passion for Science in Czech Republic

Hello, my name is Martina and I am an IVY volunteer participating on REEgain project in Třeboň, Czech Republic. This project is trying to resolve the issue of R.E.E.s = Rare Earth Elements, which are chemical elements that are necessary for producing electronics. Literally every smart phone, every light bulb and every screen is made from rare earth elements, so they are incredibly important for our economy. However, the world supplies are slowly running out, and the import from eastern countries is heavily restricted. Therefore, recycling these elements from electronic waste is becoming the easiest way how to obtain them for producing new electronics. Moreover, it is also the best way how to

Strengthening cooperation in Caraibes

INTERREG Caraïbes program in a nutshell: INTERREG Caraïbe is a program co-financed by European EDF-ERDF funds. It supports cooperative and solidarity actions addressing common regional challenges in order to strengthen the territorial and sustainable economic development of the Caribbean area. INTERREG Caraïbes supports projects involving “Outermost regions” (ORs) actors (Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Guyana, Martinique, etc.) in a partnership with Caribbean organizations (nearly forty countries). This «European Territorial Cooperation» (ETC) program has a budget of approximately 64 million euros of ERDF funds and 3 million EDF funds. 22 projects were selected by INTERREG Caribbean for the perio

The captivating Danube

The Danube is strong and powerful and collects stories from Germany to Romania, passing throughout the Balkan region, involving the Mitteleuropean Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. A mixture of EU member states, countries belonging to the EU enlargement strategy and other part of the Eastern Partnership are part of the Danube Transnational Programme projects portfolio. This mixture is what makes the DTP great, promoting the EU non-hierarchical way of implementing development in a region with 14 countries, many differences, and many challenges which the Danube is contributing to overcome. My name is Giulia and I am an IVY Volunteer at Danube Transnational Programme, based in Buda

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