Transnational cooperation in South West Europe

Hello everyone! I am Sara, an Italian volunteering in Spain! 😊 About a month ago I started a new adventure at the Joint Secretary of the Interreg SUDOE Programme, a programme that supports regional development in Southwestern Europe (Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Andorra and Southwestern France). The office of the Joint Secretary is based in Santander, a beautiful city in the North of Spain, capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria. You may know the city because of the historical bank but I can tell you there is lots to discover here! Located in a bay, the city has an amazing nature heritage and working every day in front of the ocean is definitely a pro! SUDOE’s office is very active

Cooperation in diversity in the Atlantic Area

Hi! I’m Laura and I have been working at Interreg Atlantic Area in Porto for a little over a month now. Even after this short amount of time, I have had the chance to learn extensively about cooperation and the role the European Union has in encouraging cross-border interventions. In my job as an Interreg reporter, I can spread the word on the many exciting projects Interreg supports. Interreg Atlantic Area finances cooperation project in border regions of five countries, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the UK and France, which collaborate on a variety of issues, from energy efficiency to innovation, from the protection of biodiversity to the management of territorial risks. In the time I’ve been

Connectig regenerative medicine and Interreg

Hi everyone! I am Kateřina, I love food, music and science. I started to look for an opportunity to participate on a real scientific project. I wanted to cooperate on actual tasks. What a luck was to join the Interreg Volunteer Youth! It has been more than 2 months since I started to participate in the Interreg project at the Department of Biomechanics of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Prague, which deals with design and testing of artificial structures for regenerative medicine. I am glad that my background in chemistry and experience with work in laboratory is put in use! I am involved in activities connected with final stage of instrumentation of the micromechanical tes

Taking care of terns is also Cohesion Policy

Hello! My name is Ana and I’m from Croatia. I have joined the IVY team over a month ago. I volunteer at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. My time here so far has been made very enjoyable by the great people here. They are easy to communicate with and create a good working atmosphere. We are working on the Interreg Si-Hr project ČIGRA with the goal of conserving and stabilizing Common tern populations on the rivers Drava and Sava. Every other day or so we drive to the Siromaja lake near Zagreb, where there is with a manmade platform anchored in the middle. The platform serves as a nesting place for this tern colony. On the platform we monitor their behaviour, clutch number

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