Volunteering in Macaronesia!

I started my IVY experience in Gran Canaria in February 2019 for a six-month period. I joined the International cooperation department of the University of Las Palmas (ULPGC). The ULPGC participate in 19 projects under the Operational Program of Territorial Cooperation INTERREG V-A Madeira-Azores-Canarias (MAC) 2014-2020. I work with an international team of 10 persons. As you can see on the picture the environment of the University (ULPGC) is nice and colourful. All houses in the upper quarter are painted in different colours. It’s in the old town of Vegueta. There is a lot of events and conferences in the university. This year it is celebrating his 30th birthday. Like me! Last call for the

Volunteering at the INTERREG-project Nachbarsprache & buurcultuur

The INTERREG-project Nachbarsprache & buurcultuur has been founded by the Radboud University and the University of Duisburg-Essen. Both universities wanted to support secondary schools, especially Dutch and German schools, by means of exchanges. In this way Dutch and German pupils can learn from each others culture and language. These exchanges enable the pupils to develop a regional and an European identity, which is very important nowadays. We, Rik, Marianne and Bente, are volunteering at this project since February. We are part of a dutch-german-team, this has helped us to acquire new skills. This project shows that you are stronger together (with two nationalities) and that you can learn

- The Importance of Being RE+SEARCHER -

Let´s “START”! - How the Technology can "rescue" the rescuers Information and communication have been one of the main axes to foster development of technology. Okay, but what's new in it! What about if we try to reverse the words in the sentence above…? Could we use technology as an "excuse" to develop new ways of communication and build a "culture of innovation" as tenacious as possible? It is the question we asked at the Center for Sensing Solution in Eurac, a renowned research center in Bolzano. Abraham, one of the Senior Researchers, thinking a bit on the question and then ask to us: "May we tell you a story?" This is the story of project called START, an INTER-REGIONAL project designed

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